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For all the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day seems to spark its fair share of division. Heartfelt romantics walk around googly-eyed over handwritten cards, red roses, and candlelit dinners. People spending the day alone can’t stand sappy stories and rom-coms flooding theaters. And others simply treat it like any other day.

Whichever bucket you fall into, we assure you Valentine’s Day has something you’ll enjoy. (C’mon, who doesn’t like chocolate, movies, and magazine reading?)

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What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

A) The romance and spending time with the ones I love.

B) The cute cards and pretty flowers.

C) The chocolate and the love stories.

D) All of it!

E) I’m not a fan.


Which one of the following scenarios describes your Valentine’s Day this year?

A) My sweetheart and I will celebrate by going on a date—whether it’s our favorite restaurant or trying something totally new.

B) I’m all about celebrating with friends. Maybe a friends date night…or maybe I’ll make them something cute.

C) I’ll probably stay in. You know what that means…movies, magazines, and chocolate.

D) I’d love to do something with my significant other or my friends, but haven’t made any plans yet. Help!

E) I’ll just treat it like any other day.


What kind of magazines do you typically read?

A) Fashion, entertainment, or anything that inspires me for my next adventure

B) Home, crafts, and DIY

C) Food and cooking

D) Any great stories I can get my hands on

E) I don’t do much reading



  • Mostly A’s — Read Section One. Congratulations on being part of a cute couple! That means everyone loves to hate you on Valentine’s Day. But it also means you get a whole day dedicated to expressing your love in new ways. “Section One: Ignite the Romance” gives great ideas on spicing up your love life, what to wear to get your significant other’s heart thumping, date night ideas, and romantic getaways for two.
  • Mostly B’s — Read Section Two. When you’re crafty at heart, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your creative skills shine. “Section Two: A Crafty Heart” has plenty of guides for customized gifts and sweet treats sure to make your friends, family, and/or significant other feel extra loved.
  • Mostly C’s and D’s — Read Sections Three and Four. So maybe you’re alone this Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you’d just prefer to enjoy a relaxing evening in. “Section Three: Couple’s Tales” delivers exactly what it promises, so if you like to indulge in stories of romance, heartache, and couples that take on the world together, this one’s for you. “Section Four: Chocolate Fantasies” brings together four of the most delightfully mouthwatering stories of February, with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Together, these two sections ensure a night of indulgent reading and indulgent desserts.
  • Mostly D’s — Read them all! We get it, “Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday,” “You don’t need a special day to show your love.” We bet even the biggest Valentine’s scrooge can find something among the list. And if not? Luckily, there’s plenty more to browse in your Next Issue app.


Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Reading!

Section One: Ignite the Romance

Sex Without Boundaries


Right now, open-minded generations are destroying sexual mores with joy. And talking all about it is more acceptable than ever. Celebrate this shame-free frontier with 15 pages of uncensored advice, confessions, and taboo-breaking tales.

Mixed Message


It’s easy to forget that the flawless, luxe clothes you see on the runway are meant to be worn in the real world. Guys, these Spring standouts not only look better when paired together, but they’ll also send your Valentine’s date’s heart aflutter.

This is 50


The perfect Valentine’s date: go see Fifty Shades of Grey. In an exclusive interview, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan talk about the rumors, the Red Room, and the many, many ways they bonded.

Trips for Two

Condé Nast Traveler

Romantic getaways don’t require a thatched-roof bungalow on a beach in Bora Bora. What they do call for, however, is a spirit of anything goes.

Section Two: A Crafty Heart

Share the Love

Better Homes and Gardens

Whip up a few handmade Valentine’s Day gifts with some help from the creative mind behind the sustainable fashion company Alabama Chanin. Amazing looking cards are surprisingly simple.

Say it with Sparkles


Let your kids shine on Valentine’s Day. Here, 8 treats and cards they can make for friends and family, from cookie sandwiches topped with edible glitter to cards crafted with sequins.

Mommy Loves You


We know your little ones take the number one spot in your heart. Show them your undying affection this Valentine’s Day with these creative, heartfelt recipes.

Tokens of Confection

Martha Stewart Living

Nothing says “I’m sweet on you” like a box of chocolates or candies. When you want to say it with an extra measure of style, consider the package as well as what’s inside. These ideas turn simple goodies into personalized gifts, just right for your sweetie, your friends, or every kid in the class.

Section Three: Couple's Tales



They were in love but slightly adrift. So they did the only thing that seemed to make sense—they took their bikes to the most godforsaken place they could think of and just started riding. Jared Gruber shares lessons learned (and gorgeous photos) from the journey.

Back from the Brink

Today's Parent

What’s more romantic than almost splitting up, then fighting to stay together? Three people whose relationships very nearly came apart share how they stitched them back together again.

First Comes Love, Then Comes...Moving In


Cohabitation is the new getting engaged, and almost 50% of young women in the U.S. live with a boyfriend before saying “I do.” From dividing dirty dishes to, ahem, other dirty things, here’s how to make living together feel like home sweet home.


Good Housekeeping

One broken heart, one very memorable kiss, and one sweet soul-mate meeting. Three writers share lessons they’ve learned from life’s most powerful and wonderful feeling.

Section Four: Chocolate Fantasies

The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate

All You

It’s king of the dessert world, an expression of love and an entry on the list of superfoods. But choosing the right chocolate can be overwhelming—and expensive. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, All You compiled everything you need to find the best values on your favorite types, so you can relax and focus on the fun.

We <3 Chocolate


Sure, there’s a place in the dessert kingdom for flavors like vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, and lemon. But on Valentine’s Day, don’t mess around: Bring on the chocolate.

A Year of Chocolate

Food Network Magazine

Here, a dozen amazing chocolate treats. Call it your dessert-of-the-month club. To start? Blackout cake with chocolate crunch. Yum.

Everything's Better with Chocolate

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Cinnamon buns? Sure! Candy? Of course! Goat cheese? Bring it on! This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered—in chocolate!