First things first, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit madness was all over the place this week. If you haven’t, watch SI surprise this year’s cover model with the reveal, then view the whole issue in the app.

Next up, with the addition of Girls’ Life as our newest title, we’ve dedicated an entire category to fab fashion inspiration and life advice tailored to teens. So, if you’re spending time with a teenage girl this weekend, get ready to pass your tablet.

And finally, we partnered with the Editor in Chief of Men’s Lifestyles to bring you the best stories in gadgets, girls, games, and more. See more of Matthew David’s picks here.

Happy Valentine’s, Happy Long Weekend, and Happy Reading!

Next Issue Picks

Blackberry Farm: A Different View

Sports Illustrated

For this year’s legendary Swimsuit Issue, cover model Hannah Davis and friends explored Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. Other must-see features: “A Pair of Knockouts” featuring UFC’s Ronda Rousey and tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki, painted-on bikinis, and so much more.

Saturday Night Live at 40

Rolling Stone

Live from New York: A passionate, definitive, opinionated, subjective, irresponsible breakdown of the 40 years and 141 cast members of SNL—from top to bottom. As any fan knows, part of loving the show means surfing the lows along with the highs.

Special Report: "Designer" Babies

Women's Health

What if you could choose the sex of your child? Or intelligence? What if you could guarantee your kid wouldn’t carry your family’s risk for heart disease? Ask yourself these questions now, because a new world of fertility science has arrived. Medical miracle…or messing with fate?

Grind of the Ancient Mariner

Runner's World

Why would a 90-year-old Navy vet set out on an 18-mile-a-week, nearly-three-year-long attempt to run across the country? To save a ship, of course. Meet ultrarunner (of sorts) Ernest Andrus, who hopes to hit the Georgia coast before his 93rd birthday.

What Men Are Reading

“I’m Not Pro Sports Gambling. I’m Just a Realist”

ESPN The Magazine

The sports gambling business, legal and illegal, is estimated to be worth $142.5 billion each year. Go inside the world of sports gambling and get the inside scoop on NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s outspoken support for legalized bets.

Hot List 2015

Golf Digest

On the heels of a brutal winter in the northeast, we are setting our sights on everything that golf season has to offer. Put together your Fantasy Golf Bag with a little help from our friends at Golf Digest and their review of the best clubs in the game.

The Prettiest Little Liar


Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is changing the face of TV, one tweet and Instagram post at a time. Looking hotter than ever, the Canada-born star tells us what it’s like to kiss another woman (as if there’s something weird about it). Trust us fellas, you’ll want to check this one out…

Super Manganiello

Men's Fitness

Personal re-invention took him from a scrawny, nerdy comic-book-junkie to one of Hollywood’s leading men. Joe Manganiello proves you can totally redefine who you are and what you’re capable of. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this guy’s sixth-grade yearbook photo…

Girl Power

The Busy Girl's Guide to Getting Lazy

Girls' Life

Regardless of what your insane schedule dictates (or what your parents say), it’s actually kind of crucial that you relax on the regular. So go ahead and embrace that lazy day—here’s how.

Life on the M Train


Meghan Trainor takes you on an emotional ride as she dishes about body confidence, rocky relationships, and dreaming big. Believe it or not, it took a while to find her voice and she never thought she’d be a pop star.

Hope Floats

Teen Vogue

Tallulah Willis gets honest and bravely speaks out about her personal struggle with substance abuse and self-esteem. “There was always something that I believed would fix things, some way I could avoid being myself.”

Defying Gravity


Ballerinas are pirouetting through advertisements, on runways, and all over Instagram. There’s a reason we’re drawn to their graceful posture, their easy off-duty style—and those flawless buns.

Celebrating Black History Month

Quick Change Artist

Town & Country

Elegant and brimming with talent, the Oxfordshire-raised, Shakespearean-trained Gugu Mbatha-Raw may be relatively new to America, but having galvanized critics here in two radically disparate roles, she’s poised to cross over quickly.

Getting Over the Hiring Hurdle

Fast Company

Silicon Valley veteran Ken Coleman believes that solving the tech industry’s diversity problem is possible—with diverse people in the decision-making process and leaders willing to take the right kinds of risks.

Kehinde Wiley's Spring

New York Magazine

Well-known for his portraits of young black men, Wiley scouted the streets of Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens for his first formal attempt at painting women. Here, his muses model the clothes of the season.

Black Women in Hollywood Awards


Picture this: An actress turned director, a rising ingénue, an ensemble redefining TV, and a costume designer bringing the past to life. Meet this year’s shining stars. Who’s fierce and fearless? Regina King.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

The Daily Miracle

Popular Mechanics

Pages upon pages of what’s going on throughout the world arrive on your doorstep every morning. How does the newspaper of record, The New York Times, pull it off again and again and again?

Are You Man Enough for Boy Scout Camp?

Men's Health

You’d like to be more trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave, kind, and cheerful, right? Here’s a six-step plan and a dozen merit badges for life’s key skills. Honest.

Lost in Syria

The New Yorker

A troubled Army vet thought he was helping American interests when he secretly went to Syria to fight against Assad. Then the adventure turned into a tragedy. Where did it all go wrong?

Dying Dutch: Euthanasia Spreads Across Europe


In the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal, and becoming increasingly popular. Residents can choose to die—if they’re tired of living with Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, or loneliness. Other nations may soon follow suit.

New Issues

Cooking Light

Entertainment Weekly