Along with our carefully-selected #WeekendReads, we like to stop and enjoy magazine covers that tell stories all on their own.

These are four standouts of the week, along with a preview of the stories inside. Just open up your Next Issue app and start reading. (Not yet a subscriber? Start your 30 day FREE trial).

We’ll start with Ms. Mitchell… 

The Story: Joni Mitchell, Unyielding” in New York Magazine February 9, 2015

Joni Mitchell for New York Magazine

In just three pages, 71-year-old Joni Mitchell (once described by David Crosby as “about as humble as Mussolini,” self-described as “a little schiz-y”) lays all of her eccentricities on the table.

Quotes include but are not limited to the following…

  • “All my battles were with male egos. I’m just looking for equality, not to dominate.”
  • “Physically, she looks similarly small hipped and high cheekbones. I can see why they cast her. I don’t know what her music sounds like, but I do know this—that if she’s going to sing and play me, good luck.” (On Taylor Swift’s recent inclination to play Joni in a movie, which Mitchell “swift”-ly put the kibosh on)
  • “When I see black men sitting, I have a tendency to go—like I nod like I’m a brother. I really feel an affinity because I have experienced being a black guy on several occasions.”

Oh, and part of that true ethnic experience? Going blackface on a 1977 album cover.

The Story: “Obama Recipe Curriculum” in Cooking Light March 2015 

Michelle Obama for Cooking Light

In Cooking Light’s 28-year history, never before has a human being been featured on the cover. That honor has always been reserved for delicious food alone…until the new March issue. And who better to pioneer the cover than the “First Lady of Food,” Michelle Obama?

Mrs. Obama’s mission to reform childhood nutrition began in her very own home. In this article, the FLOTUS weighs in on the state of family dinner and why America’s future depends on what kindergartners eat today. Plus, three “Let’s Move!” inspired recipes that cost less than $12, feed four people, and are ready in under 30 minutes. Can you say, “hail to the chef?”

The Issue: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015

Hannah Davis for Sports Illustrated

You already saw the big reveal of cover model Hannah Davis. But that’s not even a quarter of what the Swimsuit Issue has in store. Don’t miss body-painted bikinis, gorgeous models road-tripping across the U.S., and UFC fighter Ronda Rousey (behind-the-scenes video below).

 The Story: ‘Saturday Night Live’ at 40 in Rolling Stone February 26, 2015 

SNL in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone set out on the insanely ambitious task of ranking all 141 SNL cast members, and this is what they ended up with. A passionate, definitive, opinionated, subjective, irresponsible, indefensible breakdown—just in time for the show’s 40th anniversary.

Number one? You guessed it—cover caricature John Belushi.

Hope you enjoyed this #WeekInCovers as much as we did. Now it’s time for the really fun part…the reading!