guest-curator-christina-garofaloAs a freelance writer, it’s my goal to make the things that are most important to me—that is: food, travel, and people—the subjects of my work. Whether by exploring new countries, pushing my limits on the yoga mat, or experimenting with street food, I’m forever on the quest for adventure and enlightenment. I write about my experiences on Adventures in Frugal, as well as First We Feast, Robb Report, and Paste.

Because I’m constantly pitching editors, Next Issue has been a godsend. In the past, my tiny Brooklyn apartment was buried in the stacks of magazines I’d amassed for research. Next Issue has made keeping tabs on the latest stories and trends far easier and more cost-effective.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the last couple of months. I hope you enjoy them!

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Local & International Flavor

Food: Where to Eat 2015

New York Magazine

Here it is, the newest testament in the foodie’s bible. I couldn’t help drooling a little bit as I thumbed through 14 pages of restaurant descriptions, dishes to try, and delicious-looking photos of the year ahead (in dining).

The Mentor Effect

Food & Wine

Growing up in a big Italian family, I learned food is a symbol of love and tradition. F&W taps into the deeply personal aspect of cooking by calling on rising chefs to create dishes inspired by their culinary role models. I also appreciate that the piece is user-friendly—so I’ve got a handful of new recipes too!

Magnifique Martinique

Eating Well

I believe it’s impossible to know a place intimately without knowing its cuisine (hence why I love stories that combine food and travel.) You can feel the hot Caribbean sun through bright, acidic flavors of mango and lime and the ocean breeze through the refreshing crunch of cabbage. This piece drags readers to the destination by all five senses.

Mexico’s Secret Ingredient

Coastal Living

To read an entire feature on tacos is a dream come true in and of itself—but there’s a lot more to this story than tacos. Between the cuisine and the characters, Coastal Living serves you a picturesque slice of life south of the border.

My Inspirations

In Conversation: Chris Rock

New York Magazine

One of my favorite comedians, Chris Rock, reveals a brilliant and insightful commentary on politics and the current state of our country. In the interview, Rock skillfully balances intellectual views on sobering topics with an occasional dose of Rock-esque humor.

True Grit


Young and adrift in late-seventies NYC, Kim Gordon found music, Thurston Moore, and her future with Sonic Youth. Between my fascination with NY history (specifically that era) and my lifelong love affair with rock music, this essay hit my sweet spot. If Gordon’s book is anywhere close to as compelling as Patti Smith’s Just Kids, I’ll be waiting for a copy as soon as it hits shelves.

The Stars in his Eyes

W Magazine

I’ve always been inspired by the work of LA portrait artist Don Bachardy. Most of Hollywood—present and past—has sat for him. In the February issue, W interviews the 80-year-old in his Santa Monica Canyon bungalow, where he’s resided since 1962 and which he formerly shared with his long-term partner, the late English writer Christopher Isherwood.

A Fresh Start

Yoga Journal

This year, I’ve been fighting my natural disdain for waking up early to work out, and I’ve found that pre-work yoga helps me stay more positive and efficient throughout the day. I love the way Yoga Journal maps out routines in this easy-to-follow format—they inevitably become part of my go-to routine. And this one couldn’t be more appropriate for 2015.

Quest for Adventure

Pure Hawaiian

National Geographic

I’ve been obsessively reading about Hawaii in anticipation of my first trip there next month. (I’m also hoping to write something on it of my own). The state’s development over the last century is fascinating: Polynesian, Asian, and American roots collide to form a unique culture that Nat Geo captures better than anyone else.

Wanderlust: Self-reliance in the Alaskan Wilderness


This story of a woman who leaves Brooklyn to visit her hometown in Alaska will strike a chord with anyone who’s romanticized the simple life. The writer perfectly illustrates the clarity you find when you’re far from home—completely disconnected and rediscovering life’s subtleties—except, in a way, she is home.

Spanish Inclination

National Geographic Traveler

My first solo trip was to Andalusia, and it changed my relationship with travel—so you might say I have a soft spot for stories about Spain. This piece reignited that fluttery feeling—the thrill of new, inspiring experiences and getting swept up in the romance of Seville.

Gone Hiking


In this inspirational piece, a man discovers that he has terminal cancer and copes the best way he knows how—by going for a hike. The story is at once warming and melancholy, and it poetically captures the relationship a person has with himself and how time alone in nature can help one reach acceptance and peace.