guest-curator-christina-garofaloThis week, The New Yorker celebrated its 90th year with nine 21st-century takes on the original 1925 cover. Vote for your favorite, then read the in-depth interview with Apple’s Jonathan Ive, featured below.

After that, let guest curator and travel writer Christina Garofalo take you away on some grand adventures—surfing in Hawaii, hiking in your own backyard, and eating endless tacos in Mexico.

Finally, transform your closet and your house. We’ve got all the week’s best stories on vibrant spring fashions and splashes of color for home and garden.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Lost in the Jungle

Men's Journal

When a college student disappeared in Costa Rica last summer, his father—legendary Alaskan adventurer Roman Dial—went searching in Central America’s deadliest wilderness. He’s still looking.

The Shape of Things to Come

The New Yorker

In its 90th Anniversary issue, The New Yorker tells the story of Sir Jonathan Ive, the senior VP of design widely regarded as Apple’s greatest asset. Here, how the notoriously shy artist rose to the top, and his take on Apple’s post-Jobs future.

Oscar's Best-Dressed Nominees


Get ready for the Academy Awards with this all-access guide. Here, seven stunning hopefuls who turned in stellar performances on the big screen—and on the red carpet.

The Science of Stress

Popular Science

Feeling snowed under? Run down? Us too. But stress can be good too, helping us navigate an unpredictable world. The key is to strike a healthy balance. Good news: Science can help.

Christina Garofalo's Quest for Adventure

Pure Hawaiian

National Geographic

I’ve been obsessively reading about Hawaii in anticipation of my first trip there next month. (I’m hoping to write something on it of my own). It’s a fascinating state where Polynesian, Asian, and American roots collide to form a unique culture that Nat Geo captures better than anyone else.

Mexico’s Secret Ingredient

Coastal Living

To read an entire feature on tacos is a dream come true in and of itself—but there’s a lot more to this story than that. Between the cuisine and the characters, Coastal Living serves you a picturesque slice of life south of the border.

Spanish Inclination

National Geographic Traveler

My first solo trip was to Andalusia, and it changed my relationship with travel—so you might say I have a soft spot for stories about Spain. This piece reignited that fluttery feeling—the thrill of new, inspiring experiences and getting swept up in the romance of Seville.

Gone Hiking


In this inspirational piece, a man discovers he has terminal cancer and copes the best way he knows how—by going for a hike. At once warming and melancholy, the story poetically captures a man’s relationship with himself and how time alone in nature can help one reach acceptance and peace.

A Splash of Color

Tactile Textiles

Martha Stewart Living

Add texture and dimension to a pretty piece of patterned fabric by highlighting select details and adding a pop of color. It’s as easy as creating a few lines with needle and thread—no sketching or transferring required.

Full Bloom


This spring, bring on the beauty—and get out your vases. Here’s your guide to planting a cut-flower garden, complete with advice from the experts that tend the Sunset test garden.

Bold Adventure

Better Homes and Gardens

Hello, optimism! The 2015 color palette is all about a vibrant new outlook: greens as lush as a tropical leaf, chameleon-like corals, grays that drip with drama. So let’s bring it home. Bonus videos provide do-it-right advice from the pros.

Mix Master

House Beautiful

Strong, saturated colors and subtle textures infuse a new house with a warm, welcoming spirit. Designer Lindsey Coral Harper is all about details, so you’ll want to look at everything, down to the trim pieces, curtain hardware, and monogrammed linens.

Spring Into Style

The New Bohemian

Harper's BAZAAR

Spring brings an abundance of fresh new fashion. Conjure the hippie spirit of the ’70s with these bright, freewheeling ensembles perfect for the season.

Dance Hall Days


Bursting with color and texture, spring’s joyfully bright trends are irresistible against the azure sky and laid-back vibe of Jamaica.

Now #Trending


Trend report: All you need to rock spring/summer 2015 like a total fashion pro. Here, the shoes, the bling, the palette, the fit, and more must-haves for spring.

Why You Can Wear Sneakers With That


Sporty trainers, color-blocked platforms, snakeskin slip-ons—the footwear once reserved for workouts and weekends was all over spring’s fashion runways. So, yes, wear sneakers with that.

Good Business & Smart Money

Most Innovative Companies: #38 American Giant

Fast Company

Fast Company’s annual roundup of the 50 most innovative companies includes American Giant for breathing new life into U.S. apparel manufacturing. Here, the cult clothing backstory plus the scoop on 49 other honorees.

The Only Insurance Guide You'll Ever Need


No one likes buying insurance, and most people don’t like reading about it either. That’s why MoneySense put everything you’ll ever need to know about disability, life, travel, auto, and home insurance into a single article. Read it once and you’re done.

All Aboard the Hyperloop


The race to invent high-speed travel in steel tubes is officially on. Until recently, Elon Musk’s vision seemed no more than geek fantasy, but now three groups are sprinting to make it real. Welcome to the new space race.

How I Outsourced My Life


Cybele Weisser tried a spate of new services that promised to take over her most hated chores—admin, odd jobs, grocery shopping, etc. Find out who she’d hire again, and what cost more than it was worth.

New Issues


Canadian Business