From the runway correspondents who vowed to #AskHerMore, to the moving speeches and performances, to the GIFs that live far beyond Hollywood’s biggest night. 

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1) The Red Carpet: Stars stunned in gorgeous gowns, but after Cate Blanchette’s “Glam Cam” call-out at last year’s awards (below), correspondents made sure to ask starlets about more than just their dazzling looks. Full disclosure: we’re still obsessed with the dresses. This Harper’s BAZAAR gallery shows them all in true form.

2) Tighty Whities win best accessory: Speaking of “Do you do that to the men?” hilarious host Neil Patrick Harris showed no shame in bearing it all. Reenacting Michael Keaton’s scene in Best Picture winner, Birdman, NPH presented one segment in nothing but undies—oh, and black socks for added elegance. See for yourself.

3) John Travolta apologizes to Idina Menzel…by touching her face. A lot. After the awards, Travolta had some explaining to do to Jimmy Kimmel. The reason for the famous mis-pronunciation? He was busy “hugging and loving up” Goldie Hawn.

4) #IncomeInequality takes center stage: After winning Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Boyhood, Patricia Arquette pulled out a powerful plea: “We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” Arquette’s subsequent comments sparked controversy, while Meryl Streep’s reaction led to one of the best Oscars GIFs all night.


 Continuing with speeches that made a statement…

5) “Stay weird, stay different” Writer Graham Moore won Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on The Imitation Game, the story of legendary mathematician Alan Turing, who was persecuted for homosexual acts in 1952. Moore brought to light his own personal struggle with depression and feeling different, urging us all to “stay weird.” Read more from Seventeen, and watch the speech below.

6) Julianne Moore talks Alzheimers after winning Best Leading Actress, saying “So many people with this disease feel isolated and marginalized…people with Alzheimers deserve to be seen so we can find a cure.” Apparently Moore’s husband predicted the win.

7) Lady Gaga knocked her The Sound of Music tribute out of the park. Marie Claire has the full performance.

8) LEGO insanity took over for two AWESOME minutes. The LEGO Movie may have been snubbed in its category, but after that performance including Tegan and Sarah, Andy Samberg, Mark Mothersbaugh, and LEGO Oscar trophies…I think we all know who the real winner is.

9) John Legend and Common blew everyone away with their live performance of “Glory” then proceeded to win Best Original Song. Shocker of the evening: their given names are John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn.

10) And then there came the GIFs. Oprah’s LEGO Oscar. Eddie Redmayne’s adorable win. See them all on Cosmopolitan.