This weekend, you’re sure to find a story that suits your fancy.

For the history buff: Smithsonian is full of fascinating facts about the Lincoln assassination.

For the fashion fan: The creepiest photo shoot ever.

For the sports enthusiast: A little March Madness , a new class of Russian boxers, and the most digitally interactive hockey story we’ve ever seen.

For the traveler: Some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic locations to add to your bucket list.

And for the foodie: A whole category dedicated to restaurants worth a road trip.

Happy Reading! 

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Next Issue Picks

Be Witched

W Magazine

Haunting yet beautiful. Disturbing yet captivating. We can’t take our eyes off these one-of-a-kind photos by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Seriously, how often are you likely to see “rosary from Angels the Costumiers, London” in the shopping info of a fashion shoot?

Channing Tatum and the Quest for the Perfect Buzz

Men's Fitness

For centuries, remote tribes in the western Amazon have thrived on the caffeinated powers of guayusa, a mystical so-called “super leaf.” They say it boosts endurance, curbs hunger, and even conquers fear. Today, two young entrepreneurs and one adventurous A-lister are taking it mainstream.

The Blood Relics


If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this issue. An entire section to commemorate the approaching 150-year anniversary of the assassination of President Lincoln includes this story about objects that remain as reminders—a Deringer, a bullet, a top hat, and a playbill.

Enter the Dragons


The Android operating system opened the door for smartphone makers, and the cast of leaders in China completely reshuffled as the market more than quadrupled. In 2011, just two of the top 10 smartphone makers in China were Chinese. By 2014, it was eight of 10. Now, with claws out, they’re looking farther afield.

Restaurants Worth a Road Trip

24 Hours at the Waffle House

Bon Appétit

Since Andrew Knowlton was a teen, the Waffle House—that particularly southern institution known for killer hash browns and late-night patty melts—has been there for him. To return the favor, he decided to work a few hours (as in a full 24-hour shift) at the grill.

The 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015


The rate at which boundary-vaulting chefs are launching paradigm-busting restaurants has grown even faster than our waistlines. Here, the best new places to stuff your face right this moment. It’s a game plan for 25 nights of the year. The other 340 are up to you.

Taste of the Town


Restaurants—along with their chefs and the food they conjure—are now a main course of our culture. Here, Karlie Kloss takes a culinary tour through New York’s hottest kitchens and dining rooms.

Restaurant Pilgrimage: Finding The Lost Kitchen

Food & Wine

Two years ago, Erin French lost almost everything. Then, in Freedom, Maine, she started anew. To eat at The Lost Kitchen you first have to find it, but the self-taught chef shares recipes from her brilliant restaurant here.

Pedals & Wheels

The Esquire Guide to Trucks


What’s the best-selling vehicle in the country? Ford’s F-Series, by a lot. Trucks are what American luxury cars used to be—cushy, big, imposing, unassailably the best at their jobs. Here, the numbers, some history, and tips for taking the wheel.

Broken Spokes

Outside Magazine

Liability lawyer and former professional bike racer Megan Hottman spends her working hours representing cyclists injured by reckless drivers. In her leisure time, she tells riders what they don’t always want to hear: bikers are part of the problem, and have to be a big part of the solution.

Castles in the Sky


Find truth and transcendence in the alpine kingdom of Revelstoke, British Columbia, where groups of hardy locals are turning high-mountain footpaths into world-class mountain-bike trails.

Whiskey Rebellion

Car and Driver

American whiskey is having a moment. Find out why, and see a dirt-road, bootlegging fantasy unfold on this V-8 powered road trip across the hills and hollers of North Carolina.

Exotic Reaches of the Globe

Travels: Bali Bliss

Architectural Digest

If you’re in need of a spiritual recharge or just want a seriously sybaritic escape, few destinations beat this fabled Indonesian paradise. Bali is an island of rich artistic traditions, ancient temples, and verdant mountains surrounded by turquoise sea.

South America: Cuzco Rising

Travel + Leisure

Cuzco, Peru is the town that Machu Picchu built, a home base for the site’s hundreds of thousands of yearly visitors. Now the city is booming, bringing together past glories and future possibilities to create a kind of modern Incan marvel all its own.

Sleeping Beauty

Condé Nast Traveler

Say the word “Kashmir” to any Indian and they’ll sigh with longing. But for many years, the region beloved for its epic landscapes and masterful crafts has been marred by strife. Hanya Yanagihara visits the next great Indian destination—and finds herself falling in love.

Wild at Heart


The remote Australian island of Tasmania is home to breathtaking natural beauty and a posse of adventurous chefs and farmers. Here, a look at the new local cuisine—fresh and simple, yet ambitious.

The Sports Scene

Faces of a Revolution

ESPN The Magazine

In 2002, a new kind of MLB draft class took shape as A’s general manager Billy Beane developed a novel approach to payroll economy. Over 12 years, Tabitha Soren followed the class made famous by Moneyball, chronicling the vagaries of the players’ lives on and off the field.

Zigging for the Zags

Sports Illustrated

College basketball forward Kyle Wiltjer took an unusual turn when he left Kentucky for Spokane, but the move west has been a boon to his game. Now, can he boost Gonzaga’s fortunes in March?

#16: McCarty Makes the Avs Pay


In this special issue, sort hockey history highlights by best comebacks, best iconic moments, and more. In this story, classified as both best brawl and one-man show, scroll to the “scrub” animation to watch a few punches in slow motion.

Beasts from the East


Mike Tyson takes on the fierce new crop of boxers from the former USSR. They’re hardened, ferocious, descendants of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan—and hell-bent on domination.

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