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Start with one man’s mission to find out if Wilt Chamberlain is really his dad, Stephen King’s latest unsettling tale, Brian Kevin’s adventure-inspiring picks, and a whole set of steamy stories on sex.

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Next Issue Picks

We're Calling BS

Canadian Business

Canadian Business waded through piles of misguided notions, boneheaded beliefs, and even downright lies that steer smart companies off course. Now they’re here to set the record straight.

"A Death" by Stephen King

The New Yorker

Stephen King is a master of disturbing fiction. This short story draws you in and takes you back in time to a frontier town, where Sheriff Barclay works a case that challenges his clarity.

Tiny Worlds Under Glass

Country Gardens Magazine

One quirky Brooklyn business helps keep memories alive by creating miniature replicas of cherished moments and sealing them in apothecary jars. With fun photos and tips, you’ve got everything you need to spend the weekend creating your own.

SI Exclusive: A Giant Shadow

Sports Illustrated

Boasting about his sexual encounters, Wilt Chamberlain said there would never be any “little Wilties.” That may not have been true, as adoptee Aaron Levi found in his quest to locate his biological parents.

Let's Talk About Sex

Game Over


With his best-seller The Game, Neil Strauss brought the mysterious art of no-fail seduction to the masses—and became the movement’s top practitioner. Then he fell in love. Can the world’s most famous pickup artist survive a stint in sex rehab?

Sex, Now.


Technology seems so cold. Circuits, processors, glass. But sex, at its core, is about human connection. And we now live in the most connected age in history. How we get it on, how we find partners, how we grow closer—all of it has changed.

Big in Japan


At 35, Shimiken is the brightest star in Japan’s booming porn industry. But, with only 70 male actors available to service 10,000 actresses, demand is exceeding what even the most virile stud can supply.

63 Secrets to Better Orgasms


Not okay: New research has confirmed that straight single women have the fewest orgasms, while their male counterparts have the most. Here, Cosmo’s quest to close the gap—and a complete guide to your best orgasm ever.

On a Quest with Brian Kevin

The Accident


I look way, way up to Michael Paterniti, one of the best longform storytellers in the field. It’s interesting to see him apply his reporting and narrative skills to a tragic incident from his adolescence. This piece is a search for understanding—understated and thoughtful, with great pacing.

A Liar Standing Next to a Hole in the Ground

Outside Magazine

Outside was my first magazine love, and this story of a quixotic search for gold in the Arizona mountains is reminiscent of the classic adventure tales the mag built its reputation on. Prospector Flint Carter is the kind of character a writer dreams of running into.

How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?

New York Magazine

It’s maybe the most overexposed quest in recent memory: The search for MH370. A science writer turned cable news pundit reflects on the circus of coverage and floats his own theory. But the piece’s heart is its meditation on the nature of certainty.

Grand Canyon on the Edge


I’m a sucker for muckraking that lays bare threats to public lands, and David Roberts’ piece spells out who stands to lose from a massive recreation development on the rim of the Grand Canyon (including all Americans who value their national treasures). Great photos too.

Fun in the Sun

Into the Woods


Nature is definitely the new social hot spot, and with more daylight hours after work, trails just might be the perfect happy hour alternative. Learn about easy outdoor exercises, the best running trails, and adventure groups in your area.

Designed to Delight

This Old House

Grow an easy-care garden. See how one landscape pro turned his hardscrabble surroundings into a lush, romantic escape with little surprises around every corner. Includes pictures and plans.

Backwards Facing Culture


Surfers have seen the future and are fleeing back to surfing values from another time, eschewing their Darwinist obligation to surf faster, bigger, and better. Instead, they’re surfing cooler—impossibly cooler in some cases.

Sea You Soon


Want to go somewhere—anywhere—warm? Parents teamed up with TripAdvisor to find the 10 best beach resorts with a track record of fab family reviews and hot deals to stretch your vacation fund.

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