While the rest of the nation is making bets on the NCAA Tournament, we’ve put together a bracket all our own. 

March Magness Bracket

Welcome to March Magness! With your votes, we’re recruiting a “dream team” of the best sports stories for this week’s #WeekendReads. Monday through Thursday, help us choose the top story of the day—just head to Facebook and comment about the story you like best.

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And as for the four winning stories? Look out for a “March Magness” category in your #WeekendReads newsletter this Saturday, and bask in the glory that those picks were hand-chosen by you.

Here’s the lineup. Daily winners to be announced here and on Facebook.

Day 1: College Basketball (because it is March Madness after all)


WINNER: Sports Illustrated (March 16, 2015) The five teams that might be able to upset the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats (and why)


Sports Illustrated (March 16, 2015) A special investigation into the sexual assault charges against former Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon

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Day 2: Golf


Golf Digest (April 2015) Rory McIlroy’s intense training ritual (and mindset) as he aims for a career Grand Slam


WINNERGolf Digest (April 2015) Writer Keely Levins goes undercover as a cart girl, finding out just how bad the ruthless flirting can get

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Day 3: Running 


WINNER: Runners’ World (April 2015) The story of Tom Denniss, the man who spent 622 days running 16,300 miles through 18 countries, thus setting the world record


Running Times (March / April 2015) The story of Jack Daniels, the Olympian, coach, and now 82-year-old exercise physiologist responsible for the training philosophy serious runners swear by today

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Day 4: Extreme Sports  


WINNER: Outside Magazine (April 2015) The most scrappy, alcohol-soaked, and dangerous competition of all time—which also happens to be the event that could save whitewater paddling as a sport


Men’s Journal (April 2015) A tale about the pair of friends who conquered El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, widely known as the sheerest and most difficult big-wall rock climb ever attempted

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