Guest-Curator-brenden-faberThis week was filled with stories that inspired us to be our best (and made us feel like maybe we’re a little behind on this whole achievement thing).

Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and the other Forbes Billionaires gave us something to aspire to, Popular Mechanics presented an age-by-age guide to life’s basic skills, Sheryl Sandberg shared tips for leaning in with men, and reader Brenden Faber chose his favorite stories on achieving success. (Follow him on Instagram here.)

Happy Reading, and here’s to accomplishing something great this weekend!

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Next Issue Picks

Life After God


With Minecraft, Markus Persson became a deity to millions in his virtual world. Then he abruptly took $2.5 billion and walked away. A look inside the deal of the year—and the confused, indulgent life of a fallen idol.

The Age of Disbelief

National Geographic

Man never really walked on the moon. Vaccines cause more harm than good. Global warming is a hoax. GMOs are evil. Science skepticism is on the rise. What’s causing reasonable people to doubt reason?

A Gilded Rage

Vanity Fair

When Thomas Gilbert Jr. was charged with murdering his father, hedge-fund manager Thomas Gilbert Sr., in January, New York society gasped. But those close to the 30-year-old scion had watched a tragedy in the making.

The Popular Mechanics Field Guide to Life

Popular Mechanics

In the crush of school and work and love and responsibility, it’s easy to miss learning a few key skills—and not realize it until the time comes to use them. Here, an age-by-age manual to the most important abilities in life.

Reader Picks: Secrets to Success

The Psychology of Productivity


Having tried many different methods for task handling, I find that sometimes procrastination still comes into play. This article is a good reminder to focus less on how much I’m doing, and more on what I’m doing. As the Buddhists like to say, tame the “monkey mind”.

A Winning Personality


I engage with both extroverts and introverts on a daily basis, and find that understanding these personality types is key to effective leadership. It’s interesting to explore the middle ground of ‘ambiverts,’ and to think about how we aren’t necessarily fixed to one personality type throughout our lives.

Quitting: How to Walk Away


It’s important to be able to say ‘no’ and not overcommit. I especially liked the advice, “Forget about sunk costs. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested in something. You’re only concerned with what happens going forward.” Central lesson: Don’t be tied to the past if it’s time to change course.

Balancing Act

Yoga Journal

Research continues to prove that sitting at a desk and looking at a screen is bad for our health. This really simple guide helps alleviate the inevitable muscle imbalances. I used to stretch regularly, and the article inspired me to build this habit back into my schedule.

Secrets from Successful Women

Cosmo Careers: Lean In...With Men


Sure, some men are mansplaining, manterrupting manchildren, but others crush it as equal partners. Meet more women-loving men and deal with jerks the right way. Guest edited by Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg.

India Hicks: Purpose Meets Passion


A childhood smothered in privilege put her in Princess Diana’s wedding party, but didn’t help clarify her life mission. Decades of soul searching landed Hicks in a remote island paradise—where she’s building a business that suits her unconventional lifestyle.

Flare's First Ever 30 Under 30


Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world—one anti-aging compound, erotic magazine, or masterfully tailored dress at a time. Prepare to be hella inspired.

@Work: Tech Influencers

Marie Claire

For women with big ideas and major hustle, opportunity beckons. Even the tech industry, notorious for its buzz, bros, and billions, has a new crop of whip-smart women taking its rightful place at the top.

Reviews You Can Use

Buyer's Guide: Mountain


Pump up the thrills with these exceptionally capable full-suspension mountain bikes. The trail has never been this much fun. Looking for road or town bikes? This issue has sections for you, too.

New Cars

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports loves cars and SUVs and trucks, but boy, do they put them through their paces. They’ve put this year’s models through more than 50 tests to tell you the best wheels to get. Video included!

Editors' Choice Awards


Backpacker dragged hundreds of products around the globe for a year, looking for performance, innovation, and bang for your buck. They took finalists to the Sierra Nevadas and Death Valley for a last shakedown. The result: 13 winners for your outdoor wish list.

The Best Brands


Who makes the best appliances, cars, and electronics? ShopSmart tests thousands of products each year, then compares historical data to find the brands that come out on top.

Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to Suck

Home Sweet (Organized!) Home

Woman's Day

The prettiest organizers straighten up and decorate at the same time. Say goodbye to frustrating, space-sucking clutter with these expert tricks and stylish storage solutions.

Clean Your Machines

Martha Stewart Living

Spring is the perfect time to give our indispensable appliances and electronics some much-needed attention. Here’s the inside dirt on washing and maintaining the often-used, seldom-cleaned machines in a few of your home’s busiest spaces.

No More Messing Around

Real Simple

With three boys, five dogs, and zero storage strategies, this busy Texas family was desperate for an organizing intervention. Real Simple tackled the trouble spots from top to bottom. To appreciate the transformation, tap to view “before” images.

Tackle the Most Dreaded Jobs

All You

Do you put off washing down the walls, cleaning the window frames, and dusting hard-to-reach places? Read on for quick fixes that conquer dreaded spring cleaning tasks with as little elbow grease as possible.

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