Esquire’s April issue is devoted entirely to how men and women interact. 


And by the looks of it (clasped hands, stone-cold faces, and pure comfortability) these two comedians are interacting just fine.

We must say, Chelsea Handler’s derrière has become rather familiar as of late. She’s gone to battle with Instagram for consistently taking down her nudity-infused posts, one of which mocked Kim Kardashian’s attempt to #BreakTheInternet.

Chelsea Handler Kim Kardashian

Though Handler is a seasoned exhibitionist, Nick Offerman came as a surprise, straying as far away as he could get from the surly Parks and Recreation character, Ron Swanson.

We can’t wait to see what comedic advice these two have in store. See the full Esquire April 2015 issue in your Next Issue app Friday, April 20th.

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