The Vogue April cover star debuts some power shots and some very “Bey-worthy” dance moves.

And then there’s the interview itself. Fresh off her nineteenth (that’s right, nineteenth) Grand Slam, Serena talked to Vogue about fitness, forgiveness, and being BFFs with one of her biggest tennis rivals—Caroline Wozniacki.

To hear them describe it, one week Williams and Wozniacki can be matched head to head in a bruising three-set match where Serena destroys a racket in a fit of rage, and the next week they can be giggling together like high school girls.

In a world where female tennis rivals rarely show their warm and fuzzy side off the court, how do Williams and Wozniacki switch from biggest foes to best friends so gracefully?

According to Serena, the skill comes from 30+ years of playing against her sister Venus. “I don’t look at Venus on the court. I can’t. If I am winning, I might feel sorry for her. If I’m losing, I will want to knock her out.”


For more from the woman who’s spent sixteen years winning majors—a longevity unheard of in tennis—check out her interview in the April issue of Vogue.

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