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Read on with Bon Appétit’s annual Cook Like A Pro handbook, SI’s guide to the Final Four, and a whole set of spring style stories that are truly works of art. 

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Next Issue Picks

The City That Lost a Million Pounds

Men's Fitness

When Men’s Fitness dubbed Oklahoma City the 15th fattest city in America in 2007, the locals took notice; the mayor even put the whole town on a diet. Now the former fast-food capital is an exercise oasis. It’s a lesson in public initiative, civic pride, and hard work.

Cook Like a Pro

Bon Appétit

The Bon Appétit team asked eight of their favorite chefs to school them on their signature dishes. After hours in the kitchen, they emerged with tips, tricks, and techniques that elevate a good dish to an unforgettable one. Here, everything you need to cook like a pro.

From Duke to Wisconsin: Your Guide to the Final Four

Sports Illustrated

A thrilling win lifted Wisconsin into a Final Four that includes a huge favorite (Kentucky), another top seed (Duke), and a party crasher in green (Michigan State). Here’s how each remaining team might ruin Kentucky’s perfect season.

Why Would Anyone Want to Kill Brianna Wu?


She set out to transform the gaming industry by creating a sexy, hit game aimed at female players. Then came Gamergate. And the harassment. And the death threats. Now, she’s fighting to stay focused on her business.

The Places We've Been

(2012) Armageddon: That's All Folks

Popular Mechanics

Remember when the Mayan calendar doomsayers predicted the world would end on December 21, 2012? Well, it inspired Popular Mechanics to embark on a journey into the cold, hard science of civilization-ending catastrophes that really could come true.

(2013) Jahar's World

Rolling Stone

In one of the most controversial editorial decisions of 2013, Rolling Stone put Boston Marathon bomber Jahar Tsarnaev on the cover. “He was a charming kid with a bright future, but no one saw the pain he hid or the monster he would become.”

(2014) The Hunt for El Chapo

The New Yorker

After Osama bin Laden, Joaquín Guzmán Loera was the most wanted fugitive on the planet. The notorious drug lord had escaped from a maximum-security prison and evaded capture many times. In 2014, The New Yorker told the dramatic story of how he was finally captured.

(2015) Becoming Tim Cook


In an issue dedicated to great leaders, this in-depth story explores Tim Cook’s success as CEO of tech behemoth Apple. Along the way, he’s changed the culture of the company in ways Steve Jobs never would have. Includes bonus video.

Spring Into Style (Ladies)

Best in Show


The judges have spoken: The winningest weekend look for spring is a long, airy, bohemian dress worn with high-laced gladiator sandals—and among good company…puppies, that is.

Painted Lady

W Magazine

Kate Moss steams up the lens, and she’s dressed to thrill in haute couture, with plenty of body paint, headpieces, and antique jewelry. Photos by Paolo Roversi.

The Life Aquatic


Here, today’s must-have fashion from under the sea. Mermaid-inspired style, netting, and structured coats that will sail right into spring.

Spring Fashion: Work It, Girl


Up your fashion game on the job and add a little flair to your everyday style with these catwalk-inspired looks. Here’s how to be well suited, white-collar cool, and more.

Spring Into Style (Men)

The Places You'll Go


The new approach to travel-appropriate dressing means no more workout pants and oversize tees. Upgrade to sophisticated, packable basics.

How the West Was Worn


In the 70’s Hollywood Westerns ushered in the age of the urban cowboy. Rediscover the movies that inspired this season’s rugged Americana look.

Head Games


No great hustler’s game is complete without a signature haircut and scent. Pair a tightened-up trim with masculine notes of leather, wood, and tobacco to make a powerful impression.

Portfolio #1: Up/Down


In this three-part series about dressing up or down, part one is the best of both worlds: rugged and refined, edgy and elegant, durable and desirable.

Your Next Getaway: Viva Italia!

La Dolce Via


Stroll the best little street in Rome and you’ll taste the good life. Via Margutta was once home to Fellini—and it was the scene for 1953’s beloved Roman Holiday.

The Lost Villaggio

Town & Country

Actors, artists, and writers once flocked to tiny Sperlonga, overlooking the impossibly blue Tyrrhenian Sea, for a soothing taste of la dolce vita. And then time stopped. Introducing Italy’s best-kept secret.

Paradise Regained

Condé Nast Traveler

Nestled within the jagged toe of Italy’s boot, Calabria is a land of steep coastal villages, ancient sites, and surprisingly spicy cuisine. David Prior takes the train far from the tourist track to investigate the region’s appeal.

All the Gnocchi


Italy’s supreme comfort food takes on such an astounding variety of forms and flavors that one chef spent five years mastering all of them. Here, she shares her favorites.

Just Drive

The Cure of the Open Road

Men's Health

Hitting the highway with no destination in mind might be the stress-busting therapy you’re missing. Time to turn the key, hit the gas, and open your mind.

25 Cars Worth Waiting For

Car and Driver

Car and Driver’s guide to the most compelling vehicles due to arrive over the next three years. Spoiler alert: The Ford GT is on the list. And check out the Jaguar SUV.

Nissan's Mad Science

Road & Track

Unbound by conventional thinking, Nissan is bringing the crazy back to Le Mans. Inside the wildest new race car in decades.

The 25 Greatest Designers of All Time


Robert Cumberford, a car designer himself, identifies the most highly influential designers in the industry (and his career). Includes nice photos of their significant work.

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