“I’m 56 years old, and people don’t think I have the right to continue to be successful, to be sexual, to have fun.” – Madonna in Cosmopolitan, May 2015

Madonna showed off plenty of success, sex appeal and fun when she surprised Drake with a Spiderman-reminiscent kiss at Coachella, leaving him spellbound on stage. M’s sneak-attack came right on the heels of an edgy new photoshoot and interview with Cosmopolitan for the magazine’s 50th anniversary.


Remember her majesty on Cosmo’s 25th anniversary cover? Barely see an age difference? Same here.

On sexism: “…No man ever gets criticized for his behavior because of his age. It’s only women. So for me, the fight has never ended.”

On feminism: “I think humanist is a better idea. I don’t like the idea of segregating. Human beings all need to be treated with dignity and honor and respect.”

On her “type”: “I’m attracted to people who are creative, but I don’t have a dating manifesto.”

On working with Kayne on the new album: “It’s a little bit of a bullfight, but we take turns.”

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