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With Earth Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to highlight what a huge part Next Issue subscribers play in reducing waste. Just how many trees are we talking about? Check out the infographic, share with friends, then continue for even more stories on going green.

After that, read on for some Relationships 101—everything from dating (responsibly) at work to the growing trend of unmarried parenting. 

Happy Reading! 

Next Issue Picks

The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt


If you knew where a million dollars’ worth of blow was buried, would you go dig it up? Rodney Hyden would. GQ starts this story from the beginning: When a man on a mission to preserve sea turtles in Puerto Rico discovered a plastic-wrapped bale in the froth of the tide.

Summer Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly

At last, Hollywood gives us what we really want: Avengers, Dinos, and Channing Tatum naked. This summer is all about fun, and with Melissa McCarthy as a spy, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara as frenemies, and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, seems it’s going to be pitch-perfect, too.

Chelsea Manning: No More Secrets


As an Army private, she leaked thousands of classified documents, went to military prison, and then sued for the right to transition into a woman behind bars. Now, for the first time, Chelsea Manning is ready to share the details of her journey.

You Could Save A Life...Even Your Own


This year, nearly 10,000 Americans will die of melanoma. But you can avoid being a statistic. Health reveals lifesaving insights from skin cancer experts and women who learned firsthand just how important it is to keep your eyes on yourself and those you love.

Protecting Our Planet

Green Your Practice

Yoga Journal

Honor Mother Earth and find your new favorite yoga clothes, gear, and props. Everything here is manufactured with sustainable practices and materials you can feel good about.

Call of the Wild

Town & Country

An Italian aristocrat turned her back on a life of privilege for adventure—and ended up becoming one of Kenya’s great protectors. She fights for animals as if they were her children and nurtures the land as if she were Mother Earth herself.

It's Only Natural

Real Simple

The next time you have a sink to scrub or a window to wipe, just raid your cupboards. This collection of easy green cleaning recipes shows how everyday ingredients (salt, vinegar, vodka!) can make all your surfaces sparkle.

The Low-Impact (but Still Lush) Landscape

Consumer Reports

How to get a gorgeous, low-maintenance yard with less water and fewer chemicals—and, hooray, less work. Tips include “go native” and “see weeds differently.”

Love, Sex & Marriage

Generation Unmarried


Can you raise healthy kids if you’re not hitched? Here, stories of young parents committed to their kids, even if they avoid walking down the aisle.

Coming Now

Marie Claire

It feels amazing, makes you happier, and brings you closer to your partner. Yet people still don’t talk much about the female orgasm. Let’s change that…

Informer: Online Dating


Seems you can’t date these days without engaging in the mating ritual known as “swiping right.” With over 2,500 apps, services, and sites, here’s the info to get you off the app and in front of the right person as quickly as possible.

The Rules of Attraction


What if science took away the mate-finding guesswork? To find out, two eligible writers embark on the longest blind date in history. Three weeks, two dates, and extensive counseling later, they found out what it really means to be compatible.

Get Active!

How to Stink It Up Gracefully

Golf Digest

You won’t find this advice in any golf etiquette guide: 30 tips for having the most fun you can have playing golf. And the starter you greased won’t be offended, either.

At Your Service


Farm-to-table eats. Saunas. Craft beer on tap. And—oh yeah—trustworthy advice, pro-level service, and expert repairs. It’s all here in this compendium of 53 top shops.

Beginner's Special: "Can I Ask You Something?"

Runner's World

Yes, please do! It’s rare to find a runner that doesn’t want to talk about running. If you’ve got questions before you hit the road, these experts have all the answers.


Rodale's Organic Life

Walking isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. The Swiss take 9,700 steps a day. The Japanese: 7,168. And Americans? Just 5,117. Here, 55 ways that walking can change your life.

Flavors of the World

195 Countries, 650 Recipes, 1 Cook

Food & Wine

Cook like a world traveler. Here, how blogger Sasha Martin traveled from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe in her Oklahoma kitchen.

Mexican Party: ¡Rapido, Rapido!

Cooking Light

Throw a party inspired by Mexican street food. It’s fun, vibrant cooking that’s ready in just 25 minutes. Plus, two-ingredient beer cocktails guaranteed to get the fiesta started.

Flavors of India


Indian food can be mysterious, revealing itself only in what appears to be complex restaurant dishes. Here, discover Indian cuisine that’s as accessible as it is flavorful.

Everybody (Still!) Loves Pasta

Weight Watchers

Celebrate longer, warmer days with easy-breezy, irresistible pastas. These one-dish winners feature the season’s bright flavors—homegrown herbs, sun-ripened vegetables, and fresh seafood. They’re so good you won’t mind turning on the stove.

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