Guest-Curator-ben-eisendrathThis week, Grillworks President Ben Eisendrath gets us ready for a “dude, you killed it” BBQ season. He put our new Search feature to work to find four stories on his chef friends and grilling inspirations. 

After that, go on an adventure with stories about the secret lives of wilderness guides, family camping fun, and fitness tips that take you outdoors. 

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Next Issue Picks

The New World


Vogue features its first transgender model. With gender fluidity dominating the runways and inspiring political debate, Alice Gregory meets transgender model Andreja Pejic and asks, “Have we reached a turning point?”

Sex-Offender Haven: Welcome to Pariahville


When you’re a registered sex offender in America, you lose the right to choose where you want to live. By law. The nature of your crime doesn’t matter. Nor does your excuse. Only a few places will welcome you—like this place in South Florida.

Kindergarten Can Wait


When five-year-old Christian Thomas set out with his family to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, some skeptics said he couldn’t—and shouldn’t. But like a lot of kids, he wasn’t listening.

The Last Case of Alzheimer's


Helene DeCoste’s mother lost her mind to Alzheimer’s. Her older sister was next. She herself may now have signs of the disease, yet even as she shrugs off her seemingly inevitable fate, scientists down the road are testing an astonishing new drug.

Reader PIck's: My Favorite Grilling Pros

Profile: The Chef Who Ate His Way to Health

Men's Journal

Rheumatoid arthritis hit Seamus Mullen hard at 37, flattening him right when his culinary star was first rising. (One of his worst attacks was during a filming of Iron Chef). He stepped back, rethought his lifestyle, tinkered with his diet until he found what made him feel good again, then staged a comeback that is still going strong.

A Meal to Remember


Francis Mallmann is the standard-bearer for South American open fire cooking. I say cooking because he elevates the performance far past the realm of a back yard session to a place much closer to fire poetry. He likes to utilize whatever the setting has to offer, be it farm iron for planchas or wheelbarrows for fire pits.

10 Ideas: Cook With the Whole Farm


Dan Barber is force of nature in sustainable high cuisine. He recently unveiled his vision for the future of dining with his new book, The Third Plate. Though the art of cooking is not always perfectly “sustainable,” we must try to make changes, and they don’t have to be sacrifices. This article is just a taste of his philosophy, complete with a grilled parsnip steak.

Rising Stars of the Grill

Food & Wine

Lucky for us there is a whole new generation of grill stars coming up, and they’re showing great live-fire techniques at their restaurants. The places in this article all feature open kitchens. Show and tell. Dinner and a show. However you want to look at it, you can learn something to apply to your grill dinners at home.

Outdoor Adventure Inspiration

The Secret Life of Guides

Outside Magazine

Sure, the men and women who take us skiing, fishing, rafting, and climbing get to work in beautiful country. But they also have to deal with 16-hour days, dirty diapers, beach sex, rogue clients, hangovers, low pay, bear encounters, and love affairs that aren’t always a good idea. Just ask them.

Camp Sunset

May 2015

Among Northern California’s redwoods, two regular families (and really good sports) joined Sunset editors to become world-class campers. The tricks they learned will make your own next camping trip the best one ever.

Great New Stuff: Adventure Edition

Popular Mechanics

In this issue dedicated to adventure, you’ll find a guide to heart-pounding fun in all fifty states. And this roundup of the things you need in your life, from a handy multitool to a slim travel charger. Now get outside and use them.

Forces of Nature

Women's Health

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of adventure travel. Here, 50 fresh fitness excursions that boast incredible souvenirs: a tighter bod, a lighter mind, and bucketfuls of Zen. Go ahead—dive right in.

Be Well

Flat Belly? Yes, Please!


Two-piece. Crop top. Cutouts. Bring it! You want to look amazing and feel confident in anything this season. Get tight, trim abs with this strategy backed by science.

The 2015 Fitness Awards

Men's Health

From the most innovative trainers and gyms to the best gear and tech, Men’s Health has outlined everything you need to make this year your strongest yet.

Refresh Your Life

Every Day With Rachael Ray

Good cooks know that a simple sprinkle of fresh herbs can turn a ho-hum recipe into hot damn. The same is true in life: Tiny tweaks make a big difference. Here, 51 upgrades that don’t require much time or money, but will improve your life in meaningful ways.

The Happy Family Playbook


What would bring true happiness to your household? A vacation home on a faraway beach? A new minivan free of pretzel crumbs? Lasting family happiness isn’t about momentous events or acquiring more things. It’s about learning to savor life’s small pleasures…together.

Hello Beautiful

Beauty Breakthrough Awards

Good Housekeeping

Prettier! Faster! Easier! 39 game-changing innovations, all vetted by the GHI Beauty Lab, that will take your look to next-level gorgeous. Plus, five bonus videos.

75 All-Time Best Hair, Skin & Makeup Tricks


Your perfect anti-agers. The ultimate low-maintenance hairstyles. Makeup that gets you glowing. Plus, every other pretty thing you need.

Runway Trends Fall 2015: Looks We Love


After four cities, two continents, 65 shows, and hundreds of air kisses, here’s some exclusive, insider news on this fall’s need-to-know hair and makeup trends.

SELF Approved Beauty Awards


A beauty routine is like a workout: You want to see results! SELF tested the newest products to find ones that will exceed your goals, from detoxing to hydrating and brightening to protecting.

New Issues

Fast Company

Men's Fitness