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I use Next Issue to stay abreast of the always-changing economic climate and to find tons of personal advice. It’s great for both catching up on long-form articles on lazy Sunday mornings and for reading a quick bit of motivation on my commute into the office.

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The World Markets

All-In on Oil


The article leads with solid, if not intuitive, investment advice—bet on oil as it rebounds—but moves forward with something far more interesting: the profile of a self-made, billionaire commercial banker who’s watched macroeconomic trends to get in and out of the loan market at all the right times over the past few decades.

Time, Peace


There’s been no shortage of press on the cool features of the new Apple Watch, but this article finally answered why we might need yet another device: to get us away from checking our phones so frequently.

Verizon Ushers in the Era of "Skinny Cable"

Bloomberg Businessweek

No, cable isn’t the biggest line item on my monthly budget, but the limited options of all too similarly bloated packages are a real thorn in my side. Verizon’s first “skinny” cable offering may not yet be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for, but it’s at least a welcome sign of things to come.

Agenda: A World of Easy Money

Bloomberg Markets

This article dicusses far-reaching actions taken by dozens of central banks globally to implement expansionary monetary policy in response to what’s becoming undeniably clear—that we remain in a worldwide recession

Getting Smart: Personal Finance

America's Best, Freshest Supermarkets

Consumer Reports

This article not only explores the changing landscape of the best supermarkets in the country, but also explores our own changing view of what makes a supermarket the “best,” with the magazine’s own criteria expanding to include a new focus on freshness and locally produced goods. Even with the updated standards, a familiar face dominates the ratings.

101 Ways to Build Wealth


While I normally tend to avoid exhaustive lists, this one was so well-written and so methodically laid out that it was fun to read it and check off the steps I was and wasn’t following.

Where to Invest $1,000 Now


This article surprised me; I expected it to tell me about one hot stock or one hot sector, but instead it offered responsible advice including getting on top of debt and ensuring my will and testament were up to date.

Lessons Un-Learned


This article finds fault with a number of ideas accepted among the b-school crowd when it comes to starting your own business. I may not agree with all of the points, but I’m always stimulated when forced to challenge the conventional wisdom.