Guest-Curator-mario-bonifacioAround here, we’re all about making life easier. Guest Curator Mario Bonifacio highlights four stories that take personal finance from intimidating to natural habit. Then, read on for one-minute wonders that pack tons of stunning features into one brilliant page.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, read four stories about the amazing women in our lives, and treat mom to her favorite magazines (a last-minute gift that’ll last all year). 

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Next Issue Picks

Digital Mavericks 2015


Today’s most dynamic tech innovators are changing the way we communicate, consume, and create. These 26 pioneers are as varied as their disparate visions of the future, but all have the daring and the drive to make their ideas into our reality.

Will the Apple Watch Save Your Life?

Men's Fitness

As a health tool, Apple’s newest offering may be the tech giant’s most revolutionary product yet. It measures your heart rate with unprecedented accuracy and has ahead-of-its-time potential to transform your life.

The Wall

Runner's World

For inmates behind the 26-foot walls of the maximum-security Oregon State Penitentiary, running is one of their few releases. Eight times a year, the yard is converted into a 5K, 10K, and half marathon course on which convicts race outsiders.

Princess Charlotte: A Celebration


On Saturday, May 2, 2015, Kate and William’s daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, made a speedy arrival and crowds shouted in celebration, “Princess! Princess!” This special section features photos, stories, and a review of Kate’s flawless maternity fashion.

Celebrating Moms

Moms of the Moment


In a time when “work-life balance” is analyzed and overused, these moms are too busy to stop and wonder if it can be done. They’re entrepreneurs, athletes, philanthropists, and celebrities who show us it’s possible to work harder and think bigger.

Mom Power

Woman's Day

When her son was struck with a rare and potentially fatal illness, Jennifer D’Auteuil felt so alone. Then a group of women she’d never met came through with some sanity-saving support.

Body Beautiful

Today's Parent

Having a baby changes your body—but that isn’t a bad thing. Here, moms who are embracing the many changes in their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth, all together in one gorgeous photo essay.

Mothers & Jaggers

Harper's BAZAAR

Jade Jagger and daughter Assisi Jackson had babies just weeks apart. Meet the latest additions to great-grandpa Mick’s rock ‘n’ roll brood.

One-Minute Reads

Cobain's Mashup


Is this the weirdest mix-tape ever? Get the hodgepodge list of songs from a half-hour audio collage a 20-year-old Kurt Cobain made in the late 1980s.

Top Dogs

Family Circle

Only the best made The American Kennel Club’s list of Most Popular Breeds of 2014. Different as can be, these five pups really got tails wagging.

Viewpoint: Modern Love

Architectural Digest

As summer wedding season kicks into high gear, check out architect Hiroshi Nakamura’s chapel in Japan that puts a dramatic twist on matrimony.

Dream Machines


Choose your own adventure in one of these badass rides. The Ford Mustang GT, best for Detroit devotees. The Maserati Alfieri, best for aspiring superheroes. And three more. Just tap on each to read.

Reader Picks: Smart Finance

All-In on Oil


This article leads with solid investment advice—bet on oil as it rebounds—but moves on to something far more interesting: the profile of a self-made billionaire who watched macroeconomic trends to get in and out of the loan market at all the right times.

101 Ways to Build Wealth


While I normally tend to avoid exhaustive lists, this one was so well-written and so methodically laid out that it was fun to read it and check off the steps I was and wasn’t following.

Where to Invest $1,000 Now


This article surprised me; I expected it to tell me about one hot stock or one hot sector, but instead it offered responsible advice including getting on top of debt and ensuring my will and testament were up to date.

Lessons Unlearned


This article finds fault with a number of ideas accepted among the b-school crowd for starting your own business. I may not agree with all of the points, but I’m always stimulated when forced to challenge the conventional wisdom.

For Kids & Teens

Little Big Guys

Sports Illustrated Kids

Clippers superstar Chris Paul is one of many short players who haven’t let their lack of size stop them from rising to the occasion.

Keeping Up With Kylie

Teen Vogue

Back off, haters. Kylie Jenner, photographed with two of her closest friends, opens up to Amy Astley about Insta-bullies, beauty pressure, and her most important relationship.

Undercover Cats

National Geographic Kids

Dive into the secret lives of ocelots, the small, shy cats widespread in Mexico, Central America, and South America. They feel safer in dense cover.

A Tale of Two Sisters


They share clothes and college dreams, but a truth about their family and immigration laws could tear Rixa and Lorena apart one day.

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