The ASME have chosen the ten best magazine covers of 2015, and singled out The New Yorker as their Cover of the Year. The magazine’s ‘Broken Arch’ illustration, by Bob Staake, shows a split Gateway Arch and beat out every other cover in the country for the title.

New Yorker Cover

Across other categories – the awards span everything from ‘Brainiest’ to ‘Most Delicious’ – the ASME recognized celebrity photography, food styling and photo manipulation. The New York Times Magazine showed Lena Dunham as an ancient Greek bust, while Bloomberg Businessweek created an overweight Coke bottle to play on the brand’s “fat problem.”

Eight of the ten winners are available on Next Issue now and, because we offer access to their back catalogues, users can find and download the winning issues. Not yet a subscriber? Sign up for your free trial here, and check out our winners gallery below (* indicates available in Next Issue).

Science and Nature: New York*, Health (June 9-15, 2014)

Sports and Adventure: ESPN The Magazine*, Derek Jeter (October 13, 2014)

Lifestyle: Men’s Health*, The Ultimate Men's Health Guy (November 2014)

Fashion and Beauty: Harper’s Bazaar*, Lady Gaga (March 2014)

Most Delicious: Bon Appétit*, Sour Cherry Pie (June 2014)

Entertainment and Celebrity: The New York Times Magazine, The Culture Issue (September 14, 2014)

Family and Home: FamilyFun*, Road Trip (August 2014)

Business and Technology: The Atlantic, Why Kids Sext (November 2014)

Brainiest: Bloomberg Businessweek*, Coke Finally Admits It Has a Fat Problem - And a Plan to Fix It (August 4-10, 2014)

News and Politics, and Cover of the Year: The New Yorker*, Broken Arch (December 8, 2014)