This weekend, we’re chanting “Three-Day-Weekend” with unbridled happiness!

We’ve got words of wisdom (and some gift ideas) to share with the grads in your life. And, since marijuana seems to be graduating too, we’re taking a peek inside the disruptive, lucrative business of pot.

Then, our business picks reveal success secrets from the best and brightest, from comedians to Ebola fighters. And our collection of all things career will send you back to work impassioned, inspired, and ready to move mountains! (Or at least upgrade your snack drawer.)

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The Star on the Sidewalk

New York Magazine

Arielle Holmes was a homeless junkie when she was “discovered.” Now she’s the lead in a movie based on her own life, and thinking maybe she’ll give this acting thing a go.

Curry Flurry

Sports Illustrated

No player in the NBA gets hotter faster than Stephen Curry, whose incendiary shooting spells begin innocently enough—but have already reduced two playoff opponents to ashes.

Food Awards 2015

Southern Living

The Southern Living test kitchen taste-tested more than 300 of the newest artisan products to find the best southern-made foods. These are 24 of the favorites. Texas Sweet Heat pickles or Pork Clouds, anyone?



A powerful earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy in 2009 killed hundreds of people. The criminal conviction of Italian geologists has been overturned, but the shaky science of earthquake prediction is still on trial.

Best in Business

The Brilliant 100


Entrepreneur’s annual showcase of the brightest and shiniest companies, ideas, and technologies that are driving change across major business sectors. Let them inspire the inventor or innovator in you, too.

The New Pioneers

Popular Mechanics

Men and women across the country are welding, chopping, sanding, wiring, and even sewing new ideas every day. In celebration of the unique American motivation that fuels the maker movement, here are 13 people embodying the way we make things now and the places helping you create.

The 100 Most Creative People in Business

Fast Company

Meet this year’s most inspiring leaders in technology, design, media, music, energy, marketing, science, sports, and more. #1, Charles Arntzen, for fighting Ebola with tobacco. #8, Amy Poehler, for making comedy grow.

The Icons


Starting a business is like any other beginning: The first task is survival. How does one proceed from frantic founder to ultra-successful entrepreneur? To find out, take a close look at the monumental rise (and fall, and rise) of four icons.

Words of Work Wisdom

10 Ways to Ace Your Career


By the end of this guide, you’ll have practical strategies to help make work a little better and a little happier. Come for the expert advice on failing intelligently and negotiating successfully, and stay for the upgraded snack drawer.

What Success Looks Like Now


The corner office? Maybe. But for these 10 women—and 2,000 of you—getting ahead today is often something very, very different. Includes life advice from Jennifer Aniston, Melissa McCarthy, Taraji P. Henson, and more.

2015 Fierce List


This fifth annual collection of real-world role models—from the bench, the screen, the slopes, and the Internet—can embolden all of us to give the world more of our own audacity, perspicacity, and humanity.

Lessons From the Top

Canadian Business

Three of Canada’s most successful women—as determined by an annual ranking of top business leaders and entrepreneurs—share the secrets of success.

Congrats, Grads

The New Grad's Guide to Money


So long, college. Hello, adult life. Here’s a quick and painless lesson in real-world finances for the class of 2015. Follow this handy outline and set a course for success.

Under $100 Tech Gifts

Family Circle

Here, 10 cool, cost-effective graduation presents that won’t bust your budget, from cool zip-up earbuds to a mini jumperpack to remedy a dead batter (car or phone).

Life Advice Worth $140,000

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Here, perspective-changing wisdom from brilliant graduation speeches, such as, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs, Stanford University, 2005.

With Honors


Presenting Seventeen’s Class of 2015. This group of smart, talented, game-changing women share their best advice to inspire you to dream big.

The Business of Pot

Runner's High

Outside Magazine

With pro-marijuana legislation sweeping the nation, it’s time to ask a serious question: Is pot a performance-enhancing drug? Only one way to find out.

Marijuana Tracking Goes Corporate

Bloomberg Businessweek

For newly legal pot dealers, tracking inventory and quality control are chronic problems. The industry is flocking to two cannabis-software startups.

The Great Pot Experiment


Legalization keeps rolling ahead. But because of years of research roadblocks, we don’t know enough about the dangers of marijuana—or the benefits. Here, the highly divisive, strangely promising world of pot science.

Up in Smoke School


It is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. For those looking to enter the booming, quasi-legal marijuana business, step one is pot class.

New Issues

Bon Appétit

Sports Illustrated