This week we’re welcoming three new magazines to Next Issue. Motorcyclist, Cycle World, and Outdoor Life take us into worlds with two-wheel rides and lots of fresh air.

Once your adrenaline levels are soaring, check out our roundups about techniques to tap the fountain of youth, and pint-size places full of big ideas.

Then, our collection of money confessions reveals all when it comes to how we save (and why we squander).

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The War on Big Food


More and more shoppers are opting for fresh and organic, and that is costing major packaged-food companies some serious market share. Can the giants win you back? Fortune gets inside America’s trillion-dollar food fight.

The Greatest Jokes Ever Told


This digital bonus content (part of Esquire’s Fun Issue) features 22 stand-up comics telling their favorite jokes. Includes plenty of video.

Sunset Travel Awards 2015


The result of spirited deliberations by a large team of experts, Sunset’s inaugural travel awards honor 30 stellar destinations in the West. Read on to see the winning beach town, ski resort, wine country hotel, and more.

Warrior Woman

Harper's BAZAAR

She may play a queen on Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clarke is Hollywood’s new princess. She’s always had moxie, but the past four years have been game changing. Here, a candid interview and gorgeous photos.

Fast Things

Rupp Roarin'


45 years ago, Mickey Rupp’s minibikes stood toe to toe with Japanese minis and made them tremble. Here’s a look at his rise from unemployed construction worker to entrepreneurial icon.

Crazy, Not Stupid

Cycle World

Keanu Reeves doesn’t live in the same world as the rest of us. Guys like him, when they want a custom bike built, end up owning the company. Here, the actor talks about his life on two wheels.

Breaking Away


The common thrills of driving and cycling merge on Mount Tamalpais near San Francisco. Featuring a Ferrari car and a Maranello bicycle, both ridden hard.

Miami Heat

Car and Driver

Car and Driver’s 60th anniversary issue reviews cars that ruled the decades. This story takes us to the 80s, when two generations of Porsche hypercars, the 959 and the 918 Spyder, were the drugs of choice.

From the Fountain of Youth

The Death-Defying Secrets of the Super-Century Club


The very oldest men are in an exclusive eleven-decade club—a club more exclusive than Ex-Presidents or Moon Walkers. What do the men who’ve experienced more of it than anyone else know about life, anyway?

The Life-Extending Power of Protein

Men's Health

A study group of old guys is defying age by packing protein and muscle. Here’s how more of both can help your own bid for eternal youth. It’s never too late to start building your muscle and strength.

I Am a Test Case


Personalized medicine has changed this woman’s life. It will change yours too. But if DNA testing gives us a crystal ball into our future health, do we want to look, or do we want to turn away?

Scared Sick

Women's Health

Shopping for diagnoses online can send you down a virtual rabbit hole of “medical” information, yet it might just save your life. Here, how to navigate the maddening new world of cyberchondria.

Big Things in Small Spaces

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers

Martha Stewart Living

Through efficient planning and creative planting, Scott Endres has transformed the small spaces around his home, restaurant, and nursery into beautiful and inviting gardens.

Come Home to High Water


Looking to downsize, a shipbuilder and his wife construct an elegant floating home for two in Copenhagen Harbour. The design is the culmination of 25 joy-filled years on houseboats.

The Big Closet Makeover

Real Simple

Too much stuff, too little space, too many wardrobe woes. Can you relate? This working mom transformed her closet, and this two-part solution will work wonders for yours, too.

Rescue Mission

House & Home

Meg Crossley turns her dreary garage into a multipurpose space that’s as good-looking as it is hardworking. Her wish list included a crafting space, DIY studio, and potting shed.

Money Talks

The Last Taboo: Money


A new study shows that money is the leading cause of stress among women. But, now that 40% of women in this country are primary breadwinners and pay equality is being openly debated, the subject should no longer be taboo.

Five Moves Every Couple Should Make


This exclusive survey on love and money shows that how you handle your finances affects how happy you are in marriage. Use the findings to help grow your relationship—and your net worth.

Major Money Confessions


To get more confident about managing our money, we have to be comfortable talking about it. Here, real women get honest about their secret splurges, biggest goofs, and more.

Financial Power Plays


Think hockey players don’t know how to handle money? Think again. MoneySense asked four former NHL stars to share personal stories about their millions, how they saved it, how they squandered it, and how they finally

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