Easy outdoor parties, America’s most picturesque wine trails, and a vinophile’s guide to family trips: the latest issue of Wine Enthusiast is all about summer.wine-enthusiast

Our newest title is for grape experts and amateur enthusiasts alike, looking at the lifestyle that goes along with your favorite bottle as well as reviewing what’s inside it. And because we have all back issues dating back to February 2015, Next Issue subscribers can catch up on a whole world of wine.

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Gold Rush – In the Pacific Northwest, Chardonnay continues to gain ground (literally) on other grape varieties, making terrific wines that also represent great value.

5 Most Scenic Wine Trails – Thirsty for adventure? Cruise through some of America’s most picturesque wine regions on these five drives.

The Spirit of Vindependence – Discover how delicious the American Dream tastes with these 20 craft wines that play well at the picnic table.

How to Make Wine Without Water – Grape expectations in the face of California’s drought.

Australian Wine 101– A crash course in stellar varieties hailing from this small but mighty grape-growing country.