It’s summertime. The kids are out of school. Your crazy routine just got ten times crazier.

MrsMuffinTop is here to help. 

Guest-Curator-mrs-muffin-topHi!  I’m Jacqui, the creator and head author of MrsMuffinTop.  

I love taking my iPhone with me everywhere now that I have Next Issue!  I read my favorite magazines while I’m at the doctor’s office (no more 5-year-old print issues in the lobby to pretend I enjoy), or when I’m waiting for the water to boil while making mac and cheese for my three kids. 

I definitely understand the problems that come along with a packed schedule, especially during the summertime. I hope you enjoy my picks on simple summer beauty hacks and lifesaving parenting tips (everything from discipline to keeping the house clean and comfy to what to make for dinner tonight).

Happy Reading!


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The Busy Parent's Guide to Life

Win Win Discipine


I love it when parents acknowledge that every child is different, and that we shouldn’t treat them all the same. This is a great way to learn how to communicate with all different types of kids.

Your Top 10 Most Googled Parenting Questions

Today's Parent

Parents, This list will make you feel so much better about Googling how to do these things. You are not alone!

50 Ways to Make Your Home Mess Free

Family Circle

We could all use at least a few of these easy to implement and AFFORDABLE choices for getting rid of clutter and messes.

The Essential Guide to Summer Grilling


In my house, it just isn’t summer without cobbler…and HELLO strawberry s’mores cobbler! Can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

My Favorite Summer Beauty Tips

Style Guide: Pack Like A Pro!

People Style Watch

Moms, this year you don’t need to neglect yourselves on summer vacay! Pack light with these awesome style and beauty suggestions.

2015 Readers' Choice Awards


All of the best hair, makeup, and skin care innovations at your fingertips. Save research time and check out these faves.

One Signature Style 3 Ways


How about a hairstyle with a hat trick of tweaks? There are perfect ideas for a summer of low-maintenance, stylish hair.

Gorgeous Lips

Women's Health

Don’t neglect your lips! We put sunscreen everywhere else, but tend to forget the lips. Get the deal on why, and other tips.