Our three newest titles bring expert insights in the worlds of trucks, performance automobiles, and electronic entertainment.

hot-rod-truck-trend-sound-visionWe’re always working on adding new magazines our readers love, and we’re excited to welcome three titles that cater to some specific interests. Check out a few stories from the most recent issues of Hot Rod, Sound & Vision, and Truck Trend.

For the hot-rodder, every issue of Hot Rod comes packed with technical information, industry commentary, and the latest trends. In the July issue:

  • “Triple Nickel” — Gene Hetland’s 1932 roadster might look like one of those cars that just happened, but there’s an Arthurian legend behind its build.

For consumers of home theater, audio, video, and multimedia products, Sound & Vision is your key to electronic entertainment’s ever-changing environment—all put together in a way that’s accessible, insightful, and fun. In the August issue:

  • “Riders on the Audio Storm” — Half a decade ago, three forward-thinking UCLA film school grads merged their passions to create the perpetual audio movie—The Doors. Here’s how their music has impacted a generation and continued hold up over time.
  • “Beats in the Bubbles” — New Swimbuds Sport Waterproof earbuds are aimed at the serious aquatic athlete. Darren Ankosko tried them out for himself.

And for the truck enthusiast, dig into Truck Trend for the latest road tests, performance style upgrades, and expert information on everything from bare-bones pick-ups to luxury sport utility vehicles. In the July / August issue:

  • “Playing to Win” — Nissan emerges as a legitimate contender in the fullsize market with the Titan XD.
  • “Renegade” — Is the new Renegade a real Jeep or is it simply a rebodied all-wheel-drive Fiat 500L? Find out in a review spanning the streets, freeways, and hills of San Jose, CA.

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