This week, we’re introducing three new titles for lovers of all things fast and loud. Check out some of the latest stories from Hot Rod, Sound & Vision, and Truck Trend here and in the “Life in the Fast Lane” collection below. 

Then, guest curator Jacqui of MrsMuffinTop shares her favorite stories on summertime beauty secrets, from vacation essentials to versatile hair-dos and more. Want to be the next guest curator? Shoot us an email!

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Next Issue Picks

Cara Out Loud


With a host of movie roles on the horizon, Cara Delevingne is living the life she always wanted and is ready to be unfiltered and unguarded as never before. Rob Haskell is on hand to listen.

Boy, Interrupted


Sam’s epilepsy caused him to have up to 100 seizures a day. After seven years, his family was out of options. Their last hope: an untested, unproven treatment. The only problem? It was illegal.

Happy Campers

Bon Appétit

The smell of bacon sizzling, a mug of (truly good) coffee as you roll out of your sleeping bag. It’s not just romantic, it’s our birthright. Oh, and it’s delicious, too. Pack up the wagon, we’re going camping.

Best Places to Retire


What if retirement were as simple as riding off into the future, trailing your golf clubs and favorite books behind you? These 20 towns offer a wealth of opportunities for enjoying life after work—without cracking your nest egg.

Reader Picks: Summer Beauty

Pack Like a Pro

People StyleWatch

Moms, this year you don’t need to neglect yourselves on summer vacay! Pack light with these awesome tips.

2015 Readers' Choice Awards


All of the best hair, makeup, and skin care innovations at your fingertips. Save research time and check out these faves.

One Signature Style Three Ways


How about a hairstyle with a hat trick of tweaks? These are perfect ideas for a summer of low-maintenance, stylish hair.

Gorgeous Lips

Women's Health

Don’t neglect your lips! We put sunscreen everywhere else, but tend to forget the lips. Get the deal on why, plus tons of tips.

Downsize Your Life

Seaside Double-Wide

Better Homes and Gardens

One couple’s search for their first home led them to a quirky neighborhood in Malibu, California, where they fell for a tight-knit community of mobile homes.

"I Downsized My Life and Never Looked Back"

All You

Believing that less is more can be tough, but these three women found a sense of contentment that money can’t buy by letting go of possessions and living small.

Petite Retreats

Southern Living

It’s possible to transform even tiny courtyards into lush retreats. With clean lines and bold moves, these small outdoor spots became extra living spaces with huge benefits.

The Joy of Wanting Less


Across the country, women are shedding possessions and downsizing their homes (and lives) to find freedom and renewal. Here’s what you can gain when you decide to let go.

Life in the Fast Lane


Truck Trend

Is the new Jeep a real Jeep? If you’re into lift kits and oversized tires, stop reading. But, the new model could put a smile on your face if off-roading isn’t your thing.

Triple Nickel

Hot Rod

Gene Hetland’s 1932 roadster might look like one of those cars that just happened, but there’s an Arthurian legend behind its build.

The Next Wild West


Tell anyone who doesn’t live within a day’s drive of the border that you’re going on tour in Mexico, and you’ll hear, “Don’t go there. You’ll die.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

Climate Change

Road & Track

Connecticut is a long way from Silicon Valley. Can Elon Musk’s California dream survive lime rock on ice? And, is it the quickest car in the world?

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Fast Company

Men's Health

Wine Enthusiast

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