Fire up the grill and unfurl the stars and stripes. It’s 4th of July weekend, and we’ve got all the best stories to help you celebrate.

See where you rank on the patriotism meter. Hear from American servicewomen. Get your guide to American-made goods. And of course, get plenty of fun ideas for that backyard BBQ. 

Happy Reading! 

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The New American Life

Rodale's Organic Life

From the country to the inner city, Americans are taking matters into their own hands and going off the grid in surprising ways.

A Few Good Women


Once an all-boys club, the military’s elite forces are finally opening to women—but for those who want to join them, the fight has just started.

3 Cheers for the 4th of July


Celebrate the nation’s birthday with tasty treats, star-spangled crafts, and party ideas for a crowd. Get ready to set a spirited snack table.

Red, White, and You

Men's Health

How high do you rank on the patriotism meter? Compare yourself to the average guy here. Are you one of the 59% who own a U.S. flag and actually know the proper way to fold it?

Your Ultimate Taste of Summer

American Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

The juiciest summer fruit deserves these mouthwatering recipes. Here, four fruit-filled takes on America’s sweetheart dessert, made for spooning in and swooning out.

The Great Grill-Ahead Party

Cooking Light

The best plan for the 4th: A menu that doesn’t leave you chained to the grill. Let the flavor of fire do the heavy lifting and make everything ahead so you can join the fun.

Best Summer Ever


Ribs, lobster rolls, slushies, and ice cream sundaes with a cherry on top. Here, the best of summer in the form of 16 epic recipes, all guaranteed to make this a season to remember.

Sweet to Shining Sweet

Midwest Living

You’ve mastered the berry-striped flag cake. Now what? This year, try one of these sparklingly creative desserts from bloggers, bakers, and ice cream makers.

Made in the U.S.A.

America's 51 Best Mail-Order Foods

Every Day With Rachael Ray

Hundreds were nominated by chefs, food writers, and local experts. Here, the most iconic, delicious eats you can have shipped straight to your door—from every state (plus DC).

Made in America

Consumer Reports

Even though “Made in America” doesn’t mean what it used to, manufacturing is not going away and innovation remains strong. If you want to buy American, there’s plenty to choose from.

Exclusive: The 2016 Camaro's First Drive

Popular Mechanics

It’s the Camaro America deserves. The sixth generation, arriving later this year, is less gruff while remaining just as gutsy. Here, an exclusive first drive.

Ask This Old House: Made in America

This Old House

A celebration of U.S. companies that make products for the home. Each of these businesses has been thriving for a century or more!

Your Great American Road Trip

America's Happiest Seaside Towns 2015

Coastal Living

Meet the winners of this annual search for the 10 best coastal places to call home—for a weekend or a lifetime. First place: Southport, North Carolina.

Oh, Chattanooga!

Southern Living

Beloved by outdoorsy types, Chattanooga is drawing attention for its budding food scene, progressive green efforts, and welcoming community along the Tennessee River.

America's 100 Best Wine Restaurants

Wine Enthusiast

100 wine-savvy restaurants across the country are mapped out so you can create your go-to list for dining and drinking for the rest of the year.



Swimming. Fishing. Rock skipping. There’s nothing quite like a back country lake. Here, 20 favorites guaranteed to make welcome waves in your perfect summer.

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