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We’re Yummertime, a San Francisco-based life, style, and travel blog, photographed and curated by the two of us — Brock Williams and Chris Lin. To put it more plainly, Yummertime is just our life and style, wrapped up neatly into a series of photos and posts. And to us, it encapsulates every feeling that we have about summertime. Sophisticated, yet still casual, men’s style, a love for all things pizza-related and an obsession with California — that’s how we live our life, at least to a small extent. 

We were introduced to Next Issue just two months ago, and have fallen in love with how easy it is for us to take some of our favorite magazines on the go, without having to pack anything. A bit trite to say, but when you’re traveling as much as we do, it’s a complete drag having to lug so many publications around. We’re excited to see what new publications Next Issue acquires in their already large library. :)

Chris's Picks

Dress for Success


“Gender ambiguity in the form of what you wear, as exemplified by Kanye West and Jared Leto. I probably won’t ever wear a dress — I’d need to do way too many squats and leg lifts — but I appreciate a man who takes said risk.”
– Chris

All Of The Berries

Bon Appétit

“I’m a HUGE fan of berries, and right when summer starts, I go straight for the strawberries and blackberries, as opposed to the popular choice of watermelon. A signfifcant decision to make, obviously. PLUS, this article focuses on every way to use berries, from pavlovas and waffles to a simple way to give a club soda a kick” – Chris

The Emerald Archipelago

Condé Nast Traveler

We’ve never thought about visiting the Philippines before, but we also didn’t know how much there. We’re always looking for new places to travel (the more tropical the better!). PLUS, there is a gorgeous pastel, pink church in Manila… so we pretty much have to go now.

Give Summer the Slip


“From age 5 to 12, I only wore slip-on Vans, because I never wanted to learn how to tie my shoes. Now, slip-ons are making a successful comeback, and I’m feelin’ it.”
– Chris

Brock's Picks

East Bay All The Way

Bon Appétit

“Unfortunately, we never make it to the East Bay. I think we’ve only ever been to Oakland twice, but we’ve really been wanting to spend more time there, especially as the food scene continues to thrive.” -Brock

Details Best of Grooming Awards 2015


I’m borderline obsessed—and by that I mean completely obsessed—with grooming products. I love reading about other people’s regimens and discovering new products to try.” – Brock

Your Doober is Arriving


“One of those articles titles that just grabs your attention right away. Super interested to hear more about just how mainstream weed has become.” -Brock

Build the Perfect Beach Body


“Because it’s always nice to have a little gymspiration. Or, in this case, a lot.” – Brock

Yummertime Lifestyle

The Perfect Summer Suit


“Where GQ’s ideal summer suit (July 2015 issue) sits right above the knee (gross, not cute), Details takes a smart look at how wearing a suit that’s just a bit shorter can make you look all the more put together” – Brock+Chris

Everyone in the Pool

Bon Appétit

“Palm Springs. A pool. Summery cocktails. EVERYTHING that a good weekend entails” – Brock+Chris

The 20 Best Dressed Men Alive


“We’re constantly looking for style inspiration all around us, and we appreciate being able to quickly flip through the styles of 20 men who interpret and express themselves in different ways.” Brock+Chris

The Pizza Saint of Philly

Bon Appétit

“Honestly, we never really thought about visiting Philadelphia before reading this, but we’ll do anything for pizza, especially if it’s the best pizza in America at the moment.” – Brock+Chris