If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite athlete looks like underneath it all, now’s your chance to sneak a peek. The fittest people in the world — from Brittney Griner to the Colts offensive line — go totally nude in this year’s ESPN Body Issue.

Then, you may be loving summertime, but have you ever heard of Yummertime? Guest curators Brock and Chris show us their favorite stories on men’s style, travel, and that carefree summer vibe. 

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Body 2015

ESPN The Magazine

There are countless reasons athletes pose for the Body Issue: To display their dedication, revel in their uniqueness, exhibit form and function at its furthest limits. But to be in the Body Issue is also to be vulnerable.

Amy, Where Have You Been All Our Lives?


Amy Schumer has spent more than a decade cultivating her fierce, feminist voice. Now, she tells the person who knows her best, her sister, how it feels to have all eyes on her. Features behind-the-scenes video.

Inside the Hack of the Century


A cyber-invasion brought Sony Pictures to its knees. Here, the story of what really happened, why Sony should have seen it coming, and why corporate America should be terrified.

The Incredible Comic-Con Preview

Entertainment Weekly

The Con is on! From July 9 to 12, San Diego becomes the epicenter of pop culture. Here’s a peek at the stars, movies, and shows that are sure to explode.

Yummertime Lifestyle

The Perfect Summer Suit


Where GQ’s ideal summer suit sits right above the knee, Details takes a smart look at how wearing a suit that’s just a bit shorter can make you look all the more put together.

Everyone in the Pool

Bon Appétit

Palm Springs. A pool. Summery cocktails. Baby, it’s hot outside, but the food is cooler than ever. Includes everything that a good weekend entails.

The 20 Best-Dressed Men Alive


We’re constantly looking for style inspiration and appreciate being able to quickly flip through the styles of 20 men who interpret and express themselves in different ways.

The Emerald Archipelago

Condé Nast Traveler

We’re always looking for new places to travel. (The more tropical the better!). Plus, there’s a gorgeous pastel pink church in Manila—so we pretty much have to go now.

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The National Interest

New York Magazine

We may be living through a genuine social revolution. Popular opinion has embraced marriage equality at such a brisk clip that it was bound to spread to the deepest-red precincts of America.

The Love Vote


How corporate America propelled same-sex marriage—and why the business community is a political force that neither major political party can claim to be.

Love Wins!


Couples across the United States rush to wed on June 26 after the Supreme Court rules same-sex marriages are a constitutional right.

"I Helped My Moms (Finally) Get Married"


When Alabama overturned its same-sex marriage ban, Elliott, 18, and her parents planned a wedding in 24 hours.

Fire Up the Grill

The New Grilling Essentials


Seven experts offer tips on the best way to grill your protein. Say goodbye to over-charred and burnt food. Read on to find out how to tame the flame.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Family Circle

Chef and restaurateur Ben Ford (Harrison’s son!) shares his custom-made barbecue recipes. Texas-style brisket, smoky mac and cheese, and more.

The 10 Most-Asked Questions About BBQ


Read Ricardo’s BBQ FAQ to learn when to flip, the secret to a great marinade, and the most common mistake.

38 Greener Ways to Grill

Rodale's Organic Life

Cooking with fire taps into our earliest wiring as a social species. But, how can you grill responsibly and retain that playful spirit? Cooks, light your fires. Here’s your guide to greener grilling.

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