Fitness fans and nutrition buffs shouldn’t miss our two latest titles, Oxygen and Clean Eating.


Oxygen is all about fitness, nutrition, health and resistance training for women, with high energy workouts and muscle-sculpting tips. In the July issue:

Get Even Stronger
Crank up your metabolic conditioning by adding these two CrossFit-adapted tweaks into your workouts and bump up your intensity and volume.

Sitting Not So Pretty
Being chained to an office chair throughout the day could raise your risk of health conditions, no matter how hard you’re working at the gym. Here’s how to avoid “sitting disease.”

Crunch-Free Core
Try these three moves to whittle your waist and enhance crucial strength.

Time your meals and snacks to make very bite work for you in your quest for a lean, mean, powerful physique!

Clean Eating makes it easier than ever to work unprocessed foods into your diet, thanks to quick and healthy recipes alongside meal plans and the latest news on superfoods. In the July / August issue:

Get Inspiralized!
Are your ideas for a quick and healthy dinner starting to spiral down a rabbit hole? Use a spiralizer to climb out of the mealtime rut and put a fresh spin on vegetables the whole family will love.

Wild About Salmon
We’re celebrating salmon season with this comprehensive guide to buying and cooking our favorite wild fish, plus 5 tantalizing recipes to help you get your fill.

The Healing Power of Berries
Why summer’s most fabulous fruits are the right pick for your health.

Take a Dip!
Dip, schmear or eat them by the spoonful – our delightful dips and spreads will ensure that every bite is teeming with fresh flavor.

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