This week, we welcome three new titles to the Next Issue catalog. Check out the best burger and beer pairings in DRAFT Magazine, training hacks from Oxygen, and a fresh spin on healthy meals from Clean Eating below. 

After that, we’ve got plenty of stories to inspire a great summer weekend. Go on a bargain hunt with tips from ShopSmart and Consumer Reports, or find your next fun fiction read in Esquire, The New Yorker, and beyond.

Happy Reading! 

Next Issue Picks

Burgers & Beer: Good as Gold

DRAFT Magazine

Here’s how to toast the dynamic duo all summer long. From ketchup-slathered patties hot off the backyard grill, to piled-high stackers at the country’s coolest restaurants.

The Invisible Man


Charly was just another anonymous man on Skid Row. But when he was shot by the LAPD, he became another dismal statistic: the 175th officer-related death this year. Here, his life re-created.

Rock Your Life: Dream Big

Girls' Life

Rydel Lynch of the popular band R5 always knew she wanted to be a performer. In this Girls’ Life collector’s issue, Rydel discusses how young women can reach their dreams.

Reddit Reboots


Ten years ago, two kids created the most interesting, unruly website on the Internet. Now the self-styled “front page of the Internet” is coming of age—and having an identity crisis.

Here's to Your Health

Hack Your Training


Time for some training quality control. Take a look at the areas listed here, make a few tweaks to your programming, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Get Inspiralized

Clean Eating

Are you running out of ideas for a quick, healthy dinner? Use a spiralizer to climb out of your mealtime rut and put a fresh spin on vegetables the whole family will love.

Jungle Gym


Are the outdoors the key to fun workouts? If you hate the gym, try this new trail-powered program, which supercharges hiking into a full-body sweat fest.

Not Your Average Tour de France Fan's Guide


Pro-level bikes that don’t cost more than your car. Genius riding hacks from the pack. Plus, a 21-day, stage-by-stage training plan to get fit.

Go Bargain Hunting

Organics Deals


Eat healthy for less. Here, new products you’ll love, how to shop for “green” drinks, and your guide to the cheapest organics discovered by secret shoppers.

How to Win at TV

Consumer Reports

As cable companies and streaming services fight it out, consumers have more choices—and confusion—than ever. Here, how to get the shows you want at the price you want.

Find Free Stuff Everywhere

All You

“The free things in life are best.” Ok, that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s true, isn’t it? This annual guide helps you get what you want without spending a dime.

Style Steals

Good Housekeeping

Your current beauty checklist should include a silver mani, mini bag, and tribal prints. Here, fabulous bags, shoes, and bling from only $4.

Your Summer Reading List

Great Escapes

O, The Oprah Magazine

What’s one of the fastest, most delicious ways to be transported? A stunner of a book. From artful novels to thrilling memoirs to gripping whodunits, here’s a summer’s worth of discoveries just waiting for you.

The Esquire Summer Fiction Festival


A new story from Colum McCann about crime and forgiveness. Plus, excerpts from Esquire’s greatest short fiction of all time. Flannery O’Connor? Yes. Philip Roth? Yes.

What Does Harper Lee Want?

Bloomberg Businessweek

The author’s second novel, written before To Kill a Mockingbird, is the most preordered book in her publisher’s history. It’s also a book she vowed never to publish.

Ghosts and Empties

The New Yorker

In this new story by Lauren Groff, a young mother walks the streets of her neighborhood at night, watching the lives of her neighbors as she escapes. Includes a reading by the author.

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