Weekend Reads is going to the dogs! Read about the Queen’s beloved corgis, new homes for the strays of Sochi, and the surprising health benefits of a canine companion. 

Then, check out some of the world’s most beautiful bodies on display in Self (featuring Karlie Kloss) and W Magazine (with pin-up shots of ten gorgeous models ). 

Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

Best Bodies in the World


For these six world-class athletes, peak performance comes with a big bonus: jaw-droppingly sculpted abs, arms, backs, glutes and legs. Now you can try their top moves for honing medal-winning form.

"Do You Know How Your Daughter Died?"

New York Magazine

It’s a family’s worst nightmare. When Gloria Huang was declared dead in a Qatar emergency room, her parents didn’t even have time to grieve before they were charged with murder.

World's Best Awards

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure showcases the greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more—as voted by readers. Discover the best place to buy fresh oysters in the #1 city in the world.

Game of Thrones


This exclusive interview brings together an unlikely pair: ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Together, the political patriarchs discuss 2016 and the prospect of watching loved ones compete for their former job.

How Sweet It Is

Farm-Fresh Desserts

Vegetarian TImes

Score peak-of-ripeness fruit at the farmers’ market, then celebrate the sweetness of summer with treats made from in-season produce.

New Ways with Cantaloupe

Better Homes and Gardens

If you love cantaloupe, you’ll want to try it in these unexpected places: pasta salad, a club sandwich, and even a sweet and sour stir fry.

Fig Love

Cooking Light

Savor the honeyed sweetness of summer’s most alluring, elusive fruit. Here, figs six ways: baked, dressed, grilled, simmered, preserved, and pureed.

All About Peaches


Finally! It’s the season for summer’s sweetest, juiciest fruit. Get ’em while you can. Bonus video reveals how to shop for, prep, and cook with peaches.

Who Let the Dogs Out

The Queen and Her Corgis: A Love Story

Vanity Fair

Queen Elizabeth II seems inseparable from her beloved corgis. And, as a few of their breeders talk for the first time, the importance of Her Majesty’s dogs becomes clear.

The Cute Cure

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Pets have heart-strengthening, blues-battling, body-slimming, and stress-calming super-powers. Find out more about the health benefits of creature comfort here.

Adventure Dogs

Living the Country Life

Everyone’s heard of hunting dogs. But what about kayaking dogs, flying dogs, backpacking dogs, ATV dogs, camping dogs, shed-hunting dogs, and biking dogs?

The Strays of Sochi

Sports Illustrated

Escaping severe treatment on the streets they called home, a few of Russia’s many lost dogs have found loving homes Stateside. Adorable bonus video brings the pups up close.

You've Just Gotta See 'Em

Out West


Scenes from the rugged coast of Western Australia, where an array of waves caters to both tube-hounds and aerialists alike.

DIY Sundaes

Food & Wine

Two adventurous pastry chefs and five nostalgic ice cream toppings bring you the perfect summer-gathering dessert bar.

Sweats & the City


Sweatpants are the new jeans, but not everyone is wearing them right. Comic Billy Eichner sets the record straight.

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W Magazine

Ten of the world’s most beautiful—and followed—women show a pin-up side you won’t see on social media.

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