We’re happy to introduce OUT Magazine as the newest title in the Next Issue catalog. Get a taste for OUT’s trademark humor and frank reporting with Chadwick Moore’s “My Month of Hell.” 

The incredible journalism doesn’t stop there. Read New York Magazine’s history-making piece that brings acquaintance rape out of the shadows. Or Vogue’s tell-all on loving an international secret agent. And since great stories are even better when they’re interactive, check out our Better in Digital roundup. 

Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

The Spy Who Loved Me


At 26, Katherine Heiny fell in love with a British secret agent. And so began a marriage filled with sudden meetings, mysterious phone calls, and a thrilling complicity.

Cosby: The Thirty-Five Women

New York Magazine

One by one, they came forward with stories of being drugged and raped or assaulted by Bill Cosby, finding safety in their staggering number and a society finally ready to believe them.

My Month of Hell


Thirty days in a gay CrossFit cult documented: From the insider vocabulary and diet secrets to the sweaty highs and lows inside the gritty, bare-bones facility.

The Most Wired City in the World


In Barcelona, tech giants help the government save by tracking data on everything from garbage to traffic to selfies. But not everyone is happy about the new urban reality.

Better in Digital

Quiz: Play to Your Strengths

O, The Oprah Magazine

You have a lot to gain by discovering your unique gifts. These eight stimulating quizzes are designed to help you make the most of who you are. Bonus: There are no wrong answers!

Blood Will Tell


The most revealing diagnostic medical test may be a single drop of your own blood. Includes animated graphics and a scrollable history of blood breakthroughs.

Tired of Being Tired?


Of course you are. So for the love of God, sit up straight, put down that sixth cup of coffee, and listen up. Includes fatigue quiz and customizable sleep plan.

The 29 Worst Adam Sandler Movies


Is there any comedian alive responsible for more truly awful movies? Here’s the 29 worst, from the totally palatable to the possibly fatal. Tap to reveal common themes.

Stars in Splitsville

Scott's Desperate Spiral

Us Weekly

Disick’s bender of booze, drugs, and girls is the last straw for Kourtney Kardashian.

Ben & Jennifer: A New Chapter

HELLO! Canada

How the parents of three are moving forward as they end their 10-year marriage.

Blake & Miranda: Their Sad Split


The country stars announce the sudden end of their marriage, leaving fans wondering what went wrong.

Julia & Danny: Divorcing


After 13 years of marriage, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are on the verge of calling it quits.

Get Active!

Train, Suffer, Conquer

Men's Health

Sign up for the toughest race you’ll ever love. With these expert training tips, you’ll probably even survive.

More Fun Than Just 13.1

Runner's World

Half marathons are more popular than ever. Know your goals, create your training plan, and eat for two (races).

The Swing of Things

Yoga Journal

Aerial yoga combines acrobatic arts and anti-gravity asana, but it’s also an accessible practice with big benefits.

Lunchtime Workout

Diabetic Living

Next time you have 10 extra minutes, try these moves to give you a boost of energy—with plenty of time left for lunch.

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