Eclectic itineraries. Spontaneous road trips. Street food that’s worth seeking out. AFAR Magazine is all about adventure, and finding the big ideas that will shape your next trip, whether it’s setting sail in Indonesia or learning not to hate the opera in Vienna.

In the spirit of tapping into the cultures – and cuisines – of every city that their writers visit, the magazine has been known to send authors to destinations chosen at random, on 24 hours’ notice, or to ask celebrated chefs to eat their way around local marketplaces. For their Future of Travel issue in June / July 2015, they looked at the growing interest in marijuana travel (pot country is the new wine country) and the startups that want to get us all flying by private jet.

Next Issue subscribers can catch up on all AFAR back issues from the start of 2015, or dive straight into our favorite stories from the August / September issue:

The Ultimate Guide to Experiential Travel
Trips and tricks for every phase of your life, whether you’re a recent grad, newly in love, or ready to retire to the road.

Spin the Globe
AFAR chose a destination at random and sent author Paul Greenberg on 24 hours’ notice to landlocked Paraguay, which turns out to rival a Brazilian beach vacation.

Wandering Chef
A Copenhagen chef brings her Oaxaca travels back home in taco form.

A New Game Plan
Spotting Africa’s big five is one of life’s great thrills. But why stop there? On this diverse continent, there are also whales to watch, zebras to track on horseback – and plenty of comforts to ease your way.

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