After 16 years, 19 Emmys, and a few hundred jibes at FOX News, the ballsiest news anchor in America is saying goodbye to The Daily Show tonight. In honor of the satirical sharpshooter, and possibly the most trusted man in the country, we’ve chosen four stories that look at Jon Stewart’s legacy, and question what his next act might be.

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Zen and the Art of Jon Stewart

Entertainment Weekly

Twenty correspondents get candid about life behind the scenes with The Daily Show, and offer him tips on what to do next.

The Post-Jon Stewart World


Is Jon Stewart leaving the legacy he hoped for? If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Comedy Central’s late-night king is leaving behind a divided America.

Exit, Stage Left

The New Yorker

A commentary on Jon Stewart’s time as the host of The Daily Show, and his “persistent” and “heroic” endeavors to expose America’s political circus.

Is There Anyone Left to Trust?

Rolling Stone

The legacy that Jon Stewart paved as the host of ‘The Daily Show’ may never be seen again, even with his successor Trevor Noah.