A year ago today, brilliant actor and beloved comedian Robin Williams was found at home, unconscious, at the age of 63. As Hollywood and his fans remember the entertainment legend, look back at some of the best tributes to Williams from the magazine world. From special editions to a commemorative essay by Tom Hanks, these four stories chronicle a comic genius, movie star, and family man.

The Genius of Robin Williams


In this special issue, Maclean’s remembered a bright talent who could make everybody happy but himself.

Robin Williams

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone chronicled the triumphant life and painful final days of a comedic genius, featuring a heartwarming tribute by Tom Hanks.

The Heart of Comedy


TIME celebrated the man with a thousand voices who brought joy to millions—but could not sustain it in himself.

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)


People remembered a comic virtuoso who put smiles on all of our faces.