This weekend, indulge in all the stories we’ve hand selected as “must-read-right-now” material. 

There’s the cold case on the Appalachian Trail—and the hiker who went back searching for answers. There’s an animated reveal of the drama behind the scenes of The Walking Dead. There’s a roundup of fashion icons from Dwyane Wade to Katy Perry. And there’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on with tales of Tinder, Tucker Max, and steamy games to heat up your evening.

Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

Murder on the Trail


In September 1990, a brutal double murder on the Appalachian Trail left haunting unsolved questions. Earl Swift was hiking the route and knew the victims. Twenty-five years later, he was back in the Pennsylvania woods, searching for answers.

Dead Ahead

Fast Company

This is a must see. A fully animated comic-strip story in Fast Company. See how the creators of The Walking Dead are biting into a new challenge: redefining how Hollywood does business.

What's Your Story?

O, The Oprah Magazine

When you share your journey with the world, you make sense of the past, look to the future, and invite new insight into your life. Here, how to tune in to the extraordinary stories all around you—and how to start telling your own.

The Eternal Quest for Sleep


We pop pills, buy fancy pillows, and wear weird-looking masks in an attempt to thwart the things that keep us up at night. So, why are we still yawning in the morning? Here, the latest expert insights to help you get a decent night’s rest.

Trending in Tech

Tinder is the Night

Vanity Fair

Phones have become an all-day, every-day handheld singles club. But is Tinder killing romance? A debrief of twentysomethings who swipe reveals the downside of dating apps.

Secret Weapon


No background check, no permit, no problem. How a WIRED writer built his own untraceable AR-15 assault rifle—call it a ghost gun—right in the office.

Parenting in a Fakebook World


Raising a family can be a lot of pressure in our Instagram-happy, Pinterest-perfect culture. How does “oversharenting” affect parents? And what is it doing to our kids?

Uber Powerful

Popular Science

The car-service startup has a brazen plan to use robots to lower fares, and ultimately compete with the entire automotive industry. Should we be excited or afraid?

Iconic Style

The ELLE Look


Thirty of the brightest stars in the fashion universe join their favorite muses to interpret what makes the ELLE look unforgettable.

Fashion vs. Style: The Final Battle


An epic photo portfolio. Ten singular men, each photographed in two distinct ways by two distinctive photographers, show us the essential differences between fashion and style.


Harper's BAZAAR

Carine Roitfeld unites with Jean-Paul Goude to transform today’s icons into history’s legends, including Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor. Behold a full-on fall fashion fantasy.

Fall's Big Ideas

New York Magazine

This biannual survey of the runway puts the season’s biggest trends—Victorian velvet, gothic creepers, power suits—on the women most likely to wear them.

Beyond the Hookup

25 Ways to Save Your Marriage

Men's Health

Save your relationship, save your own ass as well. The shaky superstructure of your health and wealth rests on the emotional bedrock of your marriage. To build a more perfect union, start here.

Making Love Is Cool Again


Somewhere along the way, the idea spread that making love is cheesy. But romantic sex, whether with your husband or your hookup, can be seriously hot.

Two Can Play These Games

Women's Health

Suck it charades. The rules, wagers, and prizes here are way sweeter…because: orgasms. May the odds be ever in your panties’ favor.

Ok Cupid?


Once the most hated man on the Internet, former “dick lit” kingpin Tucker Max has rebranded himself as a self-help guru, teaching men how to fall in love and be happy. Are we ready to take him seriously?

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