Late August. Already?! If your current to-do list includes planning a game-night party, evaluating your fall wardrobe, or easing the kids back to a decent bedtime, then these reads will provide the perfect inspiration. Check. Check. Done!

Staff Picks

Miles Teller's Quest for Greatness


Newman? Brando? Mitchum? Nah it’s Miles Teller. It must be hard to be young and talented and not give a rat’s ass what other people think, but it seems he’s certainly trying.

Alternate Origins


How did surfing become sport on a remote Indonesian island? The story starts with an American soldier. And today, Morotai has one of the most unique surf cultures in the world.

Being a Cop Now


One year after Ferguson, confidence in the police is at its lowest in two decades. Here, TIME joins Philadelphia cops on the beat to see what it’s like to be a cop right now.

Brooke's New Look

Better Homes and Gardens

Brooke Shields turns heirlooms into something completely new—and turns heads with the colorful, comfy family home she decorated 100% herself. Take a virtual tour.

Stress-Free School Days

Get into College (Without Losing It)


Getting into college can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This stress-free guide will help you stop freaking out and start thinking about which offer you’re going to accept.

Back to Cool

Today's Parent

Send your little learner off to school with the coolest duds, the most durable gear, and these totally awesome accessories. Fashionable first day, sweet supplies, eat in style, and more.

Back to School Without the Stress

Family Circle

From a wardrobe inventory to setting up a snack station, these A+ organizing hacks will make your home work harder and smarter.

Pack Better Lunches

Cooking Light

No need to make separate meals for you and the little one. With clever adult-to-kid tweaks, the same food makes for happy brown-bag lunches at the office and at school.

Fresh Fall Looks

Role Models


For guys looking for some fashion inspiration: 31 of the world’s leading male models show off the best of fall and winter fashion.

Fall 2015: Clothes We Love


Fall collections are all about clothes for characters. Feeling like a femme fatale? Or more like a muse in the making? Designers have dreamed up wardrobes to suit every role.

Bang Bang


What do our favorite fashion muses have in common? Seductive, eye-framing bangs. And the best interpretations right now are long, choppy, or sideswept.

Fashion & Beauty Rules to Break

Woman's Day

Forget the old style dos and don’ts. Follow this up-to-date advice to look and feel your best. One old rule: black and blue don’t go together.

Ready For Some Football?

Calling All Football Fans


Some of us look forward to football season as much as Fashion Week. Upgrade your game-day routine with these celebrity tailgating tips, fantasy football strategies, and more.

The Most Dangerous Man in Football

ESPN The Magazine

Chris Borland loves the sport, but the further he steps away from the NFL, the more pointless and damaging it seems. And if his views spread, the game may never be the same.

Embrace the Crazy

Sports Illustrated

It’s hard to remember a college football season that started with so much uncertainty, from quarterback quandaries to chaotic conference races.



Let’s start this season with a shout out to the guys who make quarterbacks look good. Here, an excessive celebration of the NFL’s 13 brashest, ballsiest, most unstoppable playmakers.

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