Three. Day. Weekend.


We’re celebrating by rolling out three new titles perfect for downtime enjoyment: Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and Interview. Or you can read about some hard-working trailblazers while you’re hardly working. And since every long weekend deserves some good long reads, we’ve got some of those for you too.

Happy Long Weekend and Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

Southern Charm

Food Network Magazine

Are you in the mood to throw a Labor Day cookout? Consider the menu done! These down-home eats come from the Food Network’s Southern stars.


New York Magazine

If you love design, here’s 20+ pages of remodel magic, including a 1913 loft, a Harlem brownstone, a Riverdale Tudor, and a simplex converted to a triplex for a growing family.

Slipping Away


He’s a teacher, a husband, and in the prime of his life. Fifteen months ago, Jo Aubin learned he has Alzheimer’s disease. He is 38.

Andrew Luck: The Natural

Rolling Stone

The regular season is about to begin, and Rolling Stone is celebrating with an NFL Special and this story, about the league’s best QB, who might also be its most humble and likeable superstar.

Young Bosses

40 Under 40

Wine Enthusiast

While countless young tastemakers strive for the slam dunk, these are the 40—from California to New York—influencing what you drink now.

Young Millionaires


For the Young Millionaires of 2015, their age is of minimal consequence. Rather, it’s their potential for long-term viability that stands out.

Tesla's Secret Formula


Elon Musk has inherited Steve Jobs’ mantle as the cult favorite CEO. And his electric car company has grabbed Apple’s creative crown. An inside look at the world’s most innovative company.


Fast Company

In Saudi Arabia, where women can’t legally take the wheel of a car, one dynamic leader is moving quickly (yet gently) to offer them other tools toward engagement. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a princess.

Long Reads

Willie and the Weed Factory


Willie Nelson has spent nearly half his life as America’s most famous stoner. But this fall, he’s hoping to make the leap to entrepreneur, and do for weed what Paul Newman did for tomato sauce.

Tracking Ivory

National Geographic

A smuggled tusk. A hidden GPS chip. A crime story. Elephant ivory is now a key source of funding for armed groups in Central Africa like the Lord’s Resistance Army. See how fake tusks helped exposed the poachers’ trail.

Crude Awakening

Marie Claire

The oil boom in North Dakota has brought tens of thousands of newcomers and, with them, an insidious sex trade. Go behind the scenes with the locals who banded together to combat the crisis in their own backyard.

Fiction: In the Act of Falling

The New Yorker

Author Danielle McLaughlin beautifully tells the story of a woman whose life is falling apart at the seams. Her son has been suspended from school, her husband has lost his job, and her house is too expensive.

Entertainment News

Bryan Cranston as Hollywood's Richest Commie

The Hollywood Reporter

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo had it all—wealth, fame, Oscars. But he refused to name names for the House Un-American Activities Committee during the Cold War. Director Jay Roach delves into Hollywood’s darkest era to tell his story.

Gal Gadot


Beauty queen. Soldier. Screen siren. Mother. Gal Gadot has lived many lives. Now, with an incredible slate of films upcoming, the actress is putting on the tiara and handling the attention like a real Wonder Woman.

All About Luke Bryan


Balancing a superstar career and an expanded family, the singer gets real about his amazing journey—and what it’s like to be on top of the country world.

The 58 Best Things About Music This Fall


A guide to the industry’s busiest, best season, led by trendsetters (The Weeknd, Disclosure, 300 Entertainment) aiming to reshape the charts—that is if Drake, Adele, and One Direction don’t beat them to it.

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Dr. Oz The Good Life

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