new-title-cnetWith everyone buzzing about Apple’s updates this week, we’re excited to introduce a new tech-focused title to the Next Issue catalog. CNET reports on new technology from every angle: talking to the people behind the big ideas, looking at their impact on society, and testing the most-hyped gadgets.

The latest issue, available in your Next Issue app now, revisits Apple’s humble beginnings. While you wait for the iPhone 6S and the iPad Pro, meet the computer club that helped turn Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak into global icons. Also in the Fall 2015 issue:

Rise of the Beer Machines
Two new beer bots, the PicoBrew Zymatic and Brewie, aim to revolutionize the world of homebrewing. Compared with low-tech methods and the professional craft brewers they emulate, do they measure up?

Driving Change
By day, Ian Somerhalder plays a supernatural antihero on the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries. The rest of the time, he’s an activist and entrepreneur working to remind us what it means to be human.

Your Brain: The Next Digital Frontier
Research into the brain is being conducted in unlikely places. Those findings could help you become more productive, focus better – and buy more products.

Decoding the Mysteries of Emoji
How did cartoons in our texts conquer our digital culture?

Fall Tech Buyer’s Guide
Forget No. 2 pencils and composition notebooks. This year, begin back-to-school season with fresh gear to make you valedictorian of the school of life.

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