Techies rejoice: Apple has new products and Next Issue has CNET Magazine!

We’ve also got some NFL action, fashion scoop, and reflection on 9/11 this week. And there were a few times we found it hard to get past the stunning covers—animation, music, multiple covers… This is why we love digital magazines. Check ’em out below.

Happy Reading (That is if you can force yourself beyond page one!)

Staff Picks

Homebrewing With Steve Jobs

CNET Magazine

Steve Jobs rarely attended the explosively popular Homebrew Computer Club that helped put Apple on the map, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak did. Meet the group that helped start it all.

The Top of America


To commemorate 9/11, we’re looking back at the construction of the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. How 10,000 workers lifted 104 floors to give new life to an international symbol—and created one spectacular view.

Doing Well by Doing Good


To take on the world’s toughest challenges in a sustainable way, companies are turning to something familiar: the profit motive. Here, Fortune’s first-ever “Change the World” list. Includes bonus video.

Journey to Justice


Tina Reynolds has dedicated her life to supporting incarcerated black women. Her harrowing story of loss, trauma, and survival makes her the perfect advocate for the women many of us have forgotten.

Backstage Pass: Fashion Week

Fall Runway Report

People StyleWatch

This season, designers focused on creating looks with major personality. Feeling groovy? You’re covered. Want to embrace your inner geek? Go for it. Flip the page to pick a vibe, any vibe.

Fall Fashion: The Names to Know


From the hottest new designer to the buzziest model. From the designer shake-ups to know to the freshest denim label, here’s your cheat sheet to all things 2015.

The Post It Girl

W Magazine

Gigi Hadid is that rare high-fashion mannequin who can also play commercial sexpot. Beautiful, ambitious, and spectacularly connected, she’s a model for the digital age.

Backstage Confidential: Beauty

Marie Claire

Marie Claire scoured fall fashion shows for the latest trends, and the products you’ll need to create them. Here, a city-by-city guide to the favorite looks.

Gridiron Kickoff

Life + Off-the-Field Excellence

Men's Health

Vince Lombardi said football requires hard work and dedication. So does everything else. Life has no game plan, but this is close.

Most Valuable NFL Teams


The National Football League has become very prosperous. The average franchise is now worth $2 billion. Do you know which team generates the most revenue?

The NFL's Data Revolution

Men's Journal

Every player in the league now has two coin-size chips attached to his shoulder pads. Here’s how the signals they send will change the game.

Cheating Confidential

ESPN The Magazine

So, yeah, you’re pretty sure the Patriots tampered with a few footballs. But if you also feel it’s not that big of a deal, you’re not alone.

Covers We Love

The 1000th Issue: A History of Modern America


Turn the volume up for this one! Congratulations, Esquire, on 1,000 issues. And thank you for the 20-second recap ride through history.

Will the Pope Change the Vatican?

National Geographic

We thought we were at an IMAX movie for a second. This zoom-out feast-for-the-eyes starts with a close up of Michelangelo’s work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Like Me Love Me


In celebration of our public personae, Interview asked some of their favorite people to share a personal picture. The 8 engaging covers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Touch Me Harder

Bloomberg Businessweek

Ok, yes, we love the iPhone. But this cover jumped to our favorites list because of the fine print. Don’t want to give it away here, but it made us laugh out loud.

New Issues

Cooking Light


Popular Mechanics