Self-driving cars. Experiential travel. Mining on the moon. On the pages of our 15 newest titles, the future looks bright.

To celebrate their arrival, we’ve singled out a must-read story from every magazine that’s joined Next Issue since June. If you haven’t yet dipped into Clean Eating‘s healthy recipes, or turned to Sound & Vision for tech recommendations, don’t miss our suggestions below. And if you haven’t subscribed to Next Issue yet, start your free trial for unlimited access to all of these magazines, plus back issues, and our entire catalog of over 160 titles.

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September New Titles

Selling Self Driving. Fall 2015.
As part of their Automotive Issue, CNET looks into just how carmakers will convince you to trust your vehicle to do the driving.

Justin Bieber by Martha Stewart. August 2015.
The prince of pop is focused on cars, on stocks, on skating, on finding the best sound, and on making the best album possible.

The 58 Best Things About Music This Fall. September 5, 2015.
A guide to the industry’s busiest, best season, led by trendsetters aiming to reshape the mainstream and dominate the charts.

The Hollywood Reporter
Cranston the CommunistSeptember 11, 2015.
Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston prepares to play Dalton Trumbo, the screenwriter who had it all – wealth, fame, Oscars. Until he refused to name names for the House Un-American Activities Committee.


August New Titles

Media Plan of the Year Awards. September 7, 2015.
Celebrating 32 tech-savvy, creative, and innovative executions that killed it for their clients.

Our Ultimate Guide to Experiential Travel. August / September 2015.
Tips and tricks for every phase of your life, whether you’re a recent grad, newly in love, or ready to retire to the road.

Held, Free. October 2015.
Ellen Page and Julianne Moore join forces for a film that reflects progress, unity, and liberation. The timing couldn’t be better.


July New Titles

Firm Up Your Booty! September 2015.
No junk in your trunk? Fitness model and personal trainer Tabitha Klausen has your guaranteed booty-building solution.

Meet the Beer Legends. September / October 2015.
There’s no question you’ve tasted their beers. They have shaped the beer industry, but outside the brewhouse, these four luminaries live as passionately as they work.

Clean Eating
Healthy On-the-Go. September 2015.
Are takeout meals putting a strain on your wallet and your health? Be proactive and make your breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in advance, so you can just grab them and hit the road.


June New Titles

Sound & Vision
Ultra HD on the Mega-Cheap. October 2015.
Sound & Vision puts Vizio, the value leader in the HDTV market, to the test.

Truck Trend
2015 Off-Road Truck Buyer’s Guide. September / October 2015.
Thanks to the aftermarket, there are plenty of options for making your factory 4×4 pickup more trail-ready. Truck Trend rounds up all the off-road packages to show you what your options are.

Hot Rod
How To Race a Ford Cobra Jet Mustang. November 2015.
Hot Rod drives Ford’s Fast Mustang at an NHRA Stock Eliminator Race.

Boys’ Life
Mining on the Moon. September 2015.
How we could mine with robots, grow food, and even build a settlement on the moon.

Wine Enthusiast
40 Under 40. October 2015.
While countless young tastemakers strive for the slam dunk, here are the 40 influencing what you drink now.