With the seasons officially changing today, we’re all about fall. And so are our magazines: the October issues are arriving in our app full of autumnal fashion, recipes, TV previews and travel ideas.

We’ve handpicked four must-read magazines that introduce the best of the new season. Just answer the questions below and make note of your responses (A, B, C, or D) to find out if you’re the Fall Fashionista, the Fall Foodie, the Fall Media Maven, or the Fall Traveller – and see our recommended cover story to match. Not yet a subscriber? Start your free trial for full access to the best features for fall and beyond.


Which October cover star would you want to spend the day with? 

Gwyneth Paltrow (A)

Jimmy Fallon (B)

Lupita Nyong’o (D)

Anthony Bourdain (C)


What’s your favorite first sign of fall? 

Watching the Emmys close out award season (B)

Sipping on your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year (A)

Keeping up with the trends from New York Fashion Week (D)

Planning your holiday-season travels (C)


It’s Black Friday. What are you searching for?

A tablet, to keep yourself entertained on long-haul flights (C)

A widescreen HD TV, perfect for enjoying all the new TV shows that premiere in October (B)

The NutriBullet – you like to keep up with the latest kitchen gadgets (A)

Headphones that double up as a stylish accessory, as well as making your music sound great (D)


Where do you spend most time when it comes to social media?

Twitter, to live-tweet through your favorite shows (B)

Instagram, searching for style inspiration (D)

Pinterest, pinning recipes, table settings and entertaining ideas (A)

Facebook, clicking through friends’ vacation photos (C)


We say ‘Thanksgiving’, you think:

Holiday sales (D)

Pumpkin pie (A)

Weekend getaway (C)

Time to kick back and watch the parade (B)

You should read

Mostly As


Food is a big part of fall, especially for those who mostly picked As. We suggest the latest issue of Châtelaine for recipes that will make Thanksgiving easier than ever, including braided pie crusts and spiced pork tenderloin.

Mostly Bs

Entertainment Weekly

If you mostly picked Bs, chances are you’re a TV and film fan. So make sure to download Entertainment Weekly‘s biggest issue in nine years: it’s devoted entirely to new-season shows.

Mostly Cs


Travel addicts will have picked mostly Cs, and can join Sunset on a mile-by-mile journey through three of the West’s most exciting wine regions: Napa, Santa Barbara, and Southern Oregon.

Mostly Ds

Harper's Bazaar

Who doesn’t love fall fashion? If you picked mostly Ds, you’re probably already ahead of the new-season trends. But the Harper’s Bazaar Shopping Issue should serve as a stylish reminder.