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Our Editors' Picks

Fortune's 40 Under 40


Innovation is coming from all corners of industry, as this ranking of the most influential young people in business shows. What’s one thing they all have in common? They make their own rules.

How to Re-Re-Reinvent Yourself: Rob Lowe


He was in the Brat Pack, then a sex tape. A lead, then a cameo. The biggest name on The West Wing, then written right off the show. Rob Lowe is back. Again. Will his sitcom succeed? Does it even matter?

The Prom Queen of Instagram

New York Magazine

The new rules of high-school popularity, explained by a 16-year-old Upper East Sider with thousands of followers she doesn’t even know. She presents her life as a perpetual party, much of which takes place by a pool.

Shadows on the Lawn

Vanity Fair

The now-discredited report about a fraternity gang rape was the latest blow for a traumatized campus. Here, an alumna charts the University of Virginia’s annus horribilis to discover how one woman’s lies made national news.

Texture's Top 10

Hidden Kennedy Daughter


More than seven decades after JFK’s troubled sister Rosemary was left disabled by a disastrous lobotomy, the heartbreaking details of a dynasty’s darkest secret are revealed.

Fall TV Preview: Sunday

Entertainment Weekly

Summer’s over? Who cares?! It’s fall TV time again, and here’s the scoop on 115 of the best new and returning shows. So settle in and get comfy, because every night is a good TV night this season.

Wanted: Safe Beef

Consumer Reports

The American love affair with ground beef endures. But bacteria-tainted beef remains a major source of serious illness. We know how to make the system better. What’s holding us back?

Trump Seriously

Rolling Stone

On the trail and inside the campaign with the GOPs tough guy and renegade billionaire. “I’m at the point in my life where I could do anything. I said, ‘I’m going to take the risk of running for president.'”


Elon Musk: Future Perfect


Making spaceships and electric supercars isn’t enough for Elon Musk. Meet the entrepreneur who wants to save the world.

Hands-On With the iPhone 6S


The case looks much the same, and the screen size didn’t change. But inside it’s an all-new iPhone. All about the new Live Photos and 3D Touch features.

The Best New TVs

Consumer Reports

Ultra HD TVs are here in force. And a new display technology, OLED, is raising the picture-quality bar. Includes how-to-choose guidance and recommended models.

Selling Self Driving


Self-driving cars are coming. Are you ready? The biggest change in driving history demands the biggest sales job in automotive history.

Halloween Hijinks

The Realist: Halloween Costumes

Real Simple

Ordinary items—like a few pool noodles or a red yoga mat—can easily transform into showstopping DIY kids’ disguises.

Trick or Eat


Check out these easy ideas for Halloween meals, snacks, and classroom treats, all designed to make little ghouls and boys shriek with delight.

Tricks for Treats


When cakes and cookies turn into bats, bones, and fingers. Halloween is officially here.


Family Circle

Thirteen spellbinding ideas to trick out your house for Halloween and set the mood for an eerie evening.

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Sports Illustrated

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