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Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman returns to the beleaguered site after six years. “It’s kind of an egotistical thought,” Huffman tells New York magazine, “but I felt like I’m literally the only person in the world who can fix this…” How does that jibe with Reddit’s user-generated soul?

Bloomberg Businessweek writes about the “most loathed” people in China: the fuerdai, or second-generation rich kids. Billionaires by birth, they “are to China what Paris Hilton was to the U.S. a decade ago, only less tasteful.” The article made us wonder: Are the fuerdai spoiled grown-up children, or simply childlike in their longing to be loved?

When it comes to our own children, we just want them to be happy. Working Mother offers simple but profound advice on helping your kids find meaning and purpose in their work lives: Show them how you find meaning and purpose in your work life, whether you’re shuffling paper or saving lives.

Speaking of saving lives, Monica Lewinsky tells People about her work with Bystander Revolution, an organization fighting bullying through “compassion, positivity and action.” Plus, she speaks about the power of funny internet videos and her full life today.

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Reddit Redux

New York

He coded Reddit. Then he left. Now Steve Huffman is a white knight, back in Reddit’s hour of need.

Children of the Yuan Percent

Bloomberg Businessweek

They’re young, rich and powerful. Too bad everyone in their country hates them.

How to Raise Kids Who Will Love Their Work

Working Mother

Set the right example for your kids with an open and honest conversation about the meaning of your work.

Standing Up to Bullying


She was cruelly bullied. Now Monica Lewinsky is fighting back so others won’t suffer a similar fate.