History and modernity intersect in today’s selection of New & Noteworthy stories.

Periscope. Vox. General Electric? Adweek‘s list of Young Influentials—”27 people under 40 changing the face of media, marketing and tech”—includes thinkers and doers on the cutting edge…and a few bringing old-school corporate giants out of the past. Taken together, the women and men on the list represent nothing less than the future.

Another old-school giant making headlines? Donald Trump, who informs Forbes that it has underestimated his wealth for its Forbes 400 list…again. You say potato, he says $10 billion. Trump has parried with the magazine since appearing on the inaugural list 33 years ago. Back then, Forbes estimated his worth at $200 million. No surprise: Trump claimed $500 million.

Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter Diana Widmaier-Picasso draws a direct line from the past to the present as she explores the many facets of her grandfather’s legacy—artistic, familial, intellectual, personal. “[W]hen works of art reflect the history of the family,” Widmaier-Picasso tells W magazine, “it’s particularly difficult.”

In Esquire, a mystery that feels as if it couldn’t possibly exist in our technologically advanced age: the search for Malaysia Air 370. More than a year and a half after the plane disappeared with 239 passengers and crew members aboard, a small team of dedicated experts continues the “active murder inquiry.”

We think these stories will help you see connections between art and life, then and now, old and new.

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Young Influentials


Twenty-seven people under 40 changing the face of media, marketing and tech.

What's Donald Trump Really Worth?


Donald Trump goes toe-to-toe with Forbes.

Picasso Baby

W Magazine

Picasso’s granddaughter explores—and refines—the great artist’s legacy.

The Plane at the Bottom of the Ocean


How can this happen, in our day and age? Because it can.