Today’s New & Noteworthy is all about the numbers:


The number of White House staffers featured in Essence‘s November cover story, “Women of the White House.” Read it on Texture a full week early! Meet the amazing women who oversee our justice system, advise the president and First Lady, help the Obama administration stay focused on key issues, and keep the trains running on time.


The number of babies fathered by Ed Houben, also known as “The Babymaker,” aka “Europe’s most virile man,” and, occasionally (and unfortunately), “The Sperminator.” Houben has dedicated his life to donating sperm to women from around the world. All your questions are answered in GQ‘s “How to Have 106 Babies (and Counting).”


The amount Reid Hoffman, founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, spent to purchase .5% of Facebook in 2005. In “The Network Man,” The New Yorker estimates Hoffman’s current worth as somewhere between $3 and $4 billion…which places him between 20th and 30th on the list of Silicon Valley’s richest people.

7 million

The increase in the number of Americans who listen to podcasts every month since Sarah Koenig‘s Serial began last year. The 12-episode series was downloaded almost 100 million times. In “The Podcast Genius,” Glamour talks to Koenig about the surprise hit and the upcoming season, which begins this month. Spoiler alert: She’s not giving any spoiler alerts.

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