Keith Richards the Connecticut gentleman, Rihanna on alone time, and more

Today we meet rock stars of all stripes: engineers and designers who save lives, neurosurgeons who perform groundbreaking procedures (and want to be president), and a couple of actual rock ‘n’ rollers…who really just like to hang out at home.

Rolling Stone Keith Richards horizontal
Richards waters the lawn, in Rolling Stone.

Keith Richards has a chat with Rolling Stone about life on his bucolic Connecticut estate and his new solo album. Also, Keith Richards likes to send faxes. Lots and lots of faxes.

Republican presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is a man of science—he led the first successful surgery to separate twins conjoined at the head—and also deeply religious. He talks to Time about these sometimes disparate belief systems.

Rihanna‘s life seems like one long string of sexy outfits and nightclub crawls, but really, she just wants to watch TV. The singer tells Vanity Fair about her love of one-hour crime procedurals—and the pressure her parents used to put on her to get good grades.

Popular Mechanics presents the annual Breakthrough Awards to the brilliant minds behind advances in 3D printing, robotic hands, and—how cool is this?—coffee cups that work in space. Nonfat soy half-caf lattes! In space!

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