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“A Turkey for Every Type” puts a new spin on Thanksgiving. Barbecue Spice-Brined Grilled Turkey? Porchetta-Style Roast Turkey Breast (aka turkey breast wrapped in bacon)? Yes, please!

Find the right look—from clothes to handbags to makeup—for your moment in life with Harper’s Bazaar‘s “Fabulous at Every Age.”

Answers to your questions about bacon, female Viagra, operating room procedure and more in “Ask Dr. Oz Anything” from Dr. Oz The Good Life.

A couple undergoing IVF will spend an average of $19,234 on infertility treatments. But what effect does that kind of expense have on your life? Redbook explores the question in “The Secret Reason Women Aren’t Getting Pregnant.”

Hoping to live a long and fruitful life? Then the medical data, tips and expert medical opinion in Esquire‘s “How Not to Die” is required reading.

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A Turkey for Every Type

Bon Appétit

Fabulous at Every Age

Harper's Bazaar

Ask Dr. Oz Anything

Dr. Oz The Good Life

How Not to Die