Let us introduce you…to the women of the White House, the most virile man in Europe, the richest Americans, and the creative team behind Steve Jobs.

We’ve also got stories that support a month of breast cancer awareness and home DIY projects that set the mood for fall.

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Our Editors' Picks

The 2015 Breakthrough Awards

Popular Mechanics

Indestructible drones, superfast 3D printing, precision cancer treatment, and 26 more breakthroughs that will blow your mind. This 11th annual feature celebrates the research, makers, and robotic cheetahs that are changing our world.

How to Have 106 Babies (and Counting)


After years of donating sperm the “normal” way, Ed Houben began cutting out the middlemen and getting it done as nature prefers. And this babymaker is in greater demand than ever. We imagine you have some questions.

The Forbes 400


Forbes definitive ranking of the richest people in America. Making the list is harder than ever: A minimum net worth of $1.7 billion is now needed. This year, two tech pioneers make the Top 10 for the first time.

Women of the White House


Meet the dynamic black women responsible for keeping President Obama’s administration running, from the President’s senior advisor to the director of the White House travel office.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Why Doctors Are Rethinking Breast Cancer Treatment


“What if I decide to just do nothing?” It’s breast cancer’s new frontier. Inside the debate over when to operate—and when to wait.

What Doctors Want You to Know About Breast Cancer

Woman's Day

This Woman’s Day special report includes surprising facts that can help you lower your risk, support others, and stay healthy for good.

Joan Lunden Has a Lot to Live For


Just a year after being diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, Joan Lunden opens up about the grueling fight and how love helped pull her through.

Cancer Countdown

Today's Parent

A single mom discovers she’s at a high risk for getting breast cancer. Should she undergo the most drastic course of treatment?

Steve Jobs: The Man and The Movie

The Real Legacy of Steve Jobs

Fast Company

If Apple’s historic rise depended on all the standard Steve Jobs clichés, then what are we to make of its dominance now? Time to revisit—and correct—the myth.

The Man Who Would Be Jobs


The Jobs of Steve Jobs is a slightly Sorkinized, Fassbent version; funnier and more self-aware and more vulnerable. But he’s still recognizably authentic.

Aaron Sorkin on the Steve Jobs Movie


The man behind The West Wing and The Social Network takes on the life and work of Steve Jobs, painting a painfully human portrait of the late Apple icon.

Steve Jobs' Strange Saga

The Hollywood Reporter

DiCaprio didn’t want to star in it (ditto Christian Bale). And Apple doesn’t want people to see it. Here, the creative team behind the most controversial biopic in years.

Fall Around the House

Darkness Falls


Forget the fake cobwebs: These plants will set a moody, even spooky, tone on your porch for fall.

Fall Lawn Care

Living the Country Life

Summer-stressed lawns benefit from a little extra attention in the fall. Keep your lawn growing green with this checklist.

Autumn's New Hues

Better Homes and Gardens

Traditional harvest palettes sport a new look thanks to these fresh aqua, metallic, and burgundy color schemes.

Fall Around the House

HGTV Magazine

Warm up your mantel. Spice up your kitchen. Add some autumn to any room with these seasonal ideas.

New Issues

Architectural Digest