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VF HillaryThe Debate: Hillary (5 stories)
In preparation for tonight’s first Democratic presidential debate, read up on the frontrunner’s platform, loyal advisers and complexities.

Tech Tuesdays (4 stories)
Discover apps for planning the perfect road trip, upping your oenophile game with wine info, and even plotting out your trick-or-treating path. Also, there’s a Halloween app for photobombing your kids with creepy ghouls. What will they think of next?!


Parents penicillin
Quick Reads: The Best Advice
(4 stories)
Even Dear Abby could learn a thing or two from these columns. Get advice on everything from sending late condolences to decorating a dining room to biking up a hill.

Health Checkup (5 stories)
We’ve all heard the horror stories of superbugs that don’t respond to antibiotics. Read up on the facts and what you can do to protect your family. Plus, vaccines you might need now.

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